They seal the halls and fill them with carbon dioxide. The liquidation of the poultry farm near Chocna has begun


The animals are killed with carbon dioxide, which, after sealing, fills the breeding halls. After that, the animals together with the eggs are taken to a sanitation company in Žichlínek, about forty kilometers away near Lanškroun.

A total of 300 tons of poultry will be transported. The halls will then be disinfected and cleaned.

300 tons of poultry. The liquidation of the large farm near Chocna will begin on Thursday

Photo: Ludmila Žlábková, Novinky

Since Thursday morning, the liquidation of poultry has been taking place in the halls in Kosořín in Orlickousteck.

“The carbon dioxide fumigation method was used for the first time in the Czech Republic 17 years ago in Kosořín, where the bird flu virus was also confirmed at the time,” recalled Pardubice fire department spokeswoman Vendula Horáková, adding that professional firefighters from the Pardubice region and the Rescue Department are participating in the intervention from Hlučín and Jihlava.

“Firefighters responding are moving in a danger zone, the very focus of bird flu, and must wear protective suits and a respirator. As soon as they leave the hall, they have to go through a decontamination shower, as well as the equipment, which must be completely disinfected from the roof to the wheels,” Horáková described.

Humane method of killing

According to Radek Axmann from the Regional State Veterinary Administration in Pardubice, this is probably the most humane method of killing.

“There is a gradual increase in the volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that animals breathe. It can be compared to the train compartment syndrome. When several people sit in it, they exhale air and gradually fall asleep. Only in this case will the level of carbon dioxide increase so much that their respiratory center gradually stops,” explained Radek Axmann.

He added that the mortality rate from bird flu itself is variable. “However, the subtype of this strain has a very high mortality rate. So it would be between 90-95 percent with certainty,” he said.

Animals in only one of the ten halls showed symptoms of the disease, but animals in other areas could be in the incubation period. The infection did not appear in any of the company’s other operations throughout the country.

Losses in the tens of millions

In the Kosořín halls, bred hens and roosters are kept, which produce hatching eggs. Broilers are hatched from them, which are then fattened, even in other poultry houses.

But there is no parent breeding in the Czech Republic, Mach Poultry imports hens and roosters from Germany. As the company’s technical director Miloslav Soušek told ČTK, one piece of poultry costs almost 300 crowns. To this it is necessary to add other losses in the form of liquidated eggs, feed, loss of profit, but also wages and other operational items.

Minister of Agriculture Marek Výborný (KDU-ČSL) stated that the state will compensate the company for its losses.

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