Trains in Prague and Central Bohemia under surveillance: Czech Railways is strengthening patrols


Security patrols in Czech Railways trains have grown to more than thirty teams. These teams now ensure peace and order on main lines, contribute to passenger safety and help prevent vandalism.

Czech Railways sends more patrols to PID trains.

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Czech Railways in connection with the Central Bohemian Region and Prague since September last year increase security measures on trains, especially in the morning and evening hours. More than thirty patrols on trains on main lines assist train staff in dealing with problematic passenger situations or supervise trains at turnaround stations.

“In September we had six patrols to oversee safety on our trains, now there are more than thirty patrols covering all the main lines where commuter trains run. For example, these patrols help train staff with problem passengers. Our common goal is for passengers to feel safe on trains at any hour,” explains Jiří Ješeta, a member of the board of directors and ČD’s deputy director general for passenger transport.

The campaign is part of a new tactic in the fight against sprayers doodling on trains: drive the outcome of their efforts - and try to discourage them.

A new tactic in the fight against sprayers. Czech Railways mocks their “work”.

In more than four months of their presence on the trains, the patrols have, for example, several assistances in removing people from transport in case of violation of transport conditions. At the same time, their action helps to reduce incidents associated with damaging and destroying trains.

The measures are part of the campaign Together for clean trains. In addition to damaging and polluting cars, it also focuses on more comfortable and overall safer travel. The campaign also includes, for example, security patrols at depots and depots. Even these patrols are celebrating success, having already managed to arrest several sprayers.


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