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The President came to us “hyjtu” or Looking back for a rare visit to our school

The President came to us “hyjtu” or Looking back for a rare visit to our school
The President came to us “hyjtu” or Looking back for a rare visit to our school

On the morning of Wednesday, January 24, 2024, Czech President Petr Pavel and his wife Eva honored our Voš, OA and SZŠ school in Domažlice with a visit during his two-day visit to the Pilsen region.

President Petr Pavel visiting the Higher Vocational School, the Business Academy and the Domažlice Secondary Medical School.

| Photo: Deník/Daniela Loudová

Almost exactly to the minute, the presidential couple and their entourage arrived in Erbenova street to the building of the former Hájne school and today’s Domažlica business academy. The rare visit was welcomed by the director of the school Mgr. Věra Prantlová, who presented the Pavlovs with traditional gifts from Chodsk, namely a decorated Chod cake called “vandrovník”, a gift set of Chod ceramics and other souvenirs designed and printed by students of the information technology department on a 3D printer for the presidential visit.

Graduates and students of our school enlivened the welcome in the vestibule of the main school building for the guests with Chod folk songs, bagpipes and wagon horns sounded.

In Domažlice, Pavel received a cake and ceramics, in Šumava he saw a pack of wolves

While the first lady Eva Pavlova, accompanied by representatives of the school management, decided to tour the school building and visit some classrooms to greet our younger students and encourage them in their studies, the president’s footsteps continued to the meeting room. There, pedagogues and students of all our fourth-year business academy, information technology and practical nurses were waiting patiently to participate in the discussion with the president. After the opening words of Petr Pavel and the school principal, who introduced the discussion and used the right to ask the first question, the students themselves asked questions to Mr. President. They were interested in, for example, the president’s opinion on the introduction of the euro in our country, on the working conditions of health workers and the amount of overtime in the health sector, they were also curious if the president ever regretted his candidacy during the first year of his mandate, or what his first feelings were immediately after being elected president of the Czech Republic. Although the interviewers were slightly nervous at first, the president relaxed the atmosphere with his immediate responses to the questions, so the time pleasantly spent talking with the head of our state passed very quickly, just like the time precisely defined in Petr Pavel’s program for visiting our school.

It must be added that this important event for us was preceded by careful preparations, which our school definitely did not underestimate, so we liked the visit from the Castle, which came only for a moment of “hyjt”.

VOŠ, OA and SZŠ Domažlice

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