A trip to the mountains? Austria? Italy? Czechia? Slovakia? Looking for snow

A trip to the mountains? Austria? Italy? Czechia? Slovakia? Looking for snow
A trip to the mountains? Austria? Italy? Czechia? Slovakia? Looking for snow

“We have the greatest interest in the travel guide for stays in Italy. Austria follows, but people also use offers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Of course, among other things, there is an interest in natural snow,” calculates the hit parade of interests of Hana Úlehlová from a travel agency in Zlín.

“I prefer our destinations, I don’t have to travel for a long time, this time my husband and I will make do with the Jeseníky mountains, but we will definitely use the possibility of procedures, if we get snow in Lipová, we will be very happy, we will definitely take our cross-country skis, even if they don’t look like them now.” says Eva Sedláčková, who, as the director of the Regional Hygiene Station in Zlín, knows very well that right now it is good to strengthen the body with movement.

“We, on the other hand, are more in favor of a week’s stay in the Austrian Alps. There are a number of advantages, of course we are always thrilled to be skiing on long, wide and clear pistes, that is the most valuable currency for me.” Kateřina Nosková, who works as an editor and presenter for TVS and zlin.cz, is clear.

“We are very happy that our snowmaking works and that we got five centimeters of natural snow,” says Josef Kocurek from Ski resort Kohútka.

“You know, we are also pleased that, just like our friends from Troják, Soláná, Velké Karlovice, Karolinka or Stupava, we were at the first steps of children’s skiers. Ski schools are the basis, children learn and then continue, for example, in the Alps. We, on the other hand, would be happy if active seniors visited us more often, so they can come back in half a century, we still have something to offer. Not only our famous blueberry dumplings, they don’t have those in the Alps,” laughs Kocurek, saying that it’s not for cross-country skiing right now.

“We very much wish for another batch of natural snow, then we immediately look at everything differently,” supplies.

The Moravian Mountains have the advantage of being easily reachable in one day. That is without debate.

“But it’s not far to Austria, for example to the Semmering region, we’re currently loading our skis, tomorrow morning we’re leaving with our friends, in three and a half hours we’re going to the beautifully groomed slopes,” Robert Kögler from Držková describes another possibility to confirm the password in a healthy body, a healthy spirit (and air).

“We have experience in the Alps, but it’s also great here, we’re on the slopes with the kids in ten minutes,” two mothers from Zlín, Radek and Ilona, ​​agree.

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