This will rip off an arm or a head. Fico received fragments of Russian missiles from Kiev


Items including fragments of rockets that “tear off an arm or head” or fragments from the soccer hall in Kyiv, which was destroyed by a Russian missile attack last week, were handed over by representatives of the initiative to the office of the government office in Bratislava.

“Robert Fico believes that life in Kyiv is completely normal, but it is not normal,” pointed out one of the representatives of the Peace to Ukraine initiative.

In the hall of the Lokomotiv Kyiv club, damaged by Russian missiles, training continues, because the youth of Kyiv do not want to give up sports even in these times of war. About two hundred children train in it.

Orbán capitulated, the EU unanimously agreed to help Ukraine

“Prime Minister Fico claims that rockets are not falling on Kiev. We can say that they fall and kill small children,” said Viera Dubačová from the aforementioned initiative.

“Hospitals, sports halls and churches are bombed daily in Ukraine,” recalled Dubačová, who visited Kyiv last week.

Don’t be like Tisa

Representatives of the initiative called on the government to stand on the side of Ukraine, which has been facing Russian military aggression for almost two years. “Already once in history, Slovakia was on the wrong side with Hitler’s Germany. We should not repeat that mistake today,” urged Dubačová.

“Robert Fico, if you want to become the second Tis (Jozef Tiso, President of the Slovak State, executed as a war criminal after the Second World War – editor’s note) and you stand on the side of fascist Russia, it will be the biggest mistake of modern Slovak history,” added Dubačová.

The initiative pointed out that Ukraine is also fighting for Slovakia, because if the Ukrainians did not fight, Slovakia would have Russians on its borders.

The war in Ukraine has no military solution, Fico said after the meeting with Scholz

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