The WHO expects a 77 percent increase in cancer cases by 2050


Roughly one in five people will get cancer during their lifetime, and the most common diagnoses are lung and breast cancer, the IARC further pointed out. Every ninth man and every 12th woman will die of cancer.

According to IARC, 65,676 cases of cancer were diagnosed in the Czech Republic in 2022, most often breast and prostate.

According to the IARC, the expected increase in cancer cases is due, among other things, to overall population growth and the fact that people are living to an increasingly old age. Added to this are the increased risks caused by lifestyle changes. Smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and air pollution all play a role here.

“The impact of this increase will not be felt equally across countries,” said Freddie Bray, head of the IARC’s Cancer Surveillance Unit. “Those with the least resources to manage cancer will bear the brunt of the global cancer burden,” he added, according to the British newspaper Bray.

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Inequalities are particularly evident in breast cancer. Women in lower-income countries are 50 percent less likely to be diagnosed than women in higher-income countries, putting them “at a much higher risk of dying from the disease due to late diagnosis and lack of access to quality treatment,” said Isabelle Soerjomataram, deputy head IARC Division of Cancer Surveillance.

In 2020, 19.3 million cancer cases were diagnosed, according to an earlier report by the Lyon, France-based agency. However, IARC also notes the difficulty of direct comparisons, as data collection methods are continually updated.

Two years later, according to the IARC, 9.7 million people died of cancer worldwide. The most common types are lung, breast and colon cancer. In women, breast cancer ranks first, followed by lung and bowel cancer. In men, lung cancer is the most common, followed by prostate and bowel cancer. IARC is based on data from 185 countries.

Lung cancer was detected in 2.5 million people the year before, which was 12.4 percent of all cancer cases detected. 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer, which represents 11.6 percent of all cases. Bowel cancer was diagnosed in 1.9 million people, or 9.6 percent of cases. Prostate and stomach cancer are the most common.

In 2022, lung cancer was also the most common cause of cancer-related deaths. 1.8 million people succumbed to it, which is 18.7 percent of all cancer deaths. Another 900,000 people died from bowel cancer and 670,000 from breast cancer.

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