No more waiting at the authorities for a car registration. The application can now be submitted electronically


Digitization of services in the Czech Republic is gaining momentum. Newly, vehicle owners can use the electronic submission of applications related to car registration. It will save them not only time, but also money for paying administrative fees. However, the service is currently only for natural persons, companies are out of luck.

Take a look in the article, what news is being introduced in the Transport Portal from February 2024?

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After launch of the eDocuments application another novelty, this time aimed at car owners. It is now possible to submit applications related to changes in the car owner or entries in the road vehicle register electronically via the Transport Portal. But for now, only private individuals can do it. “We are already working to offer all services to companies or enable online granting of powers of attorney. We want to do everything before the end of this year,” noted the spokesman of the Ministry of Transport, František Jemelka.

While in January the owners had to physically visit the office to change the owner of the car, since February this is no longer the case. Everything can now be done online. All you need to do is log in to the Transport Portal, for example using eCitizenship, eGovernment mobile key, data box or bank identity. Among other things, the advantage of an electronic application is that the data available from the register is pre-filled by itself. Once the process is complete, a QR code will be generated at the end. The person concerned must provide this to the new owner, who will then complete the transfer. Either also online, or go to the office with a unique code.

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Submitting the application electronically will not be mandatory. In the future, everything can be solved by the “superintendent” using paper applications directly at the office. Motivation to use digital functions could be a money saver. “One of the main advantages of electronic filing is a twenty percent discount on the administrative fee. In addition, you will receive a notification that you can pick up license plates or a vehicle registration certificate,” explained Jemelka.

The administrative fee will still need to be paid when you visit the office. “In the future, the option of paying online directly when submitting an application is expected, as is the case with purchases in e-shops,” said Karel Váchal, representative of the Commissioner for Digitization, at the launch of the Transport Portal.

The courier will bring the card

In 2026, the transfer of a car to a new owner, as well as the issuance of driver’s licenses or license plates, could be done without a single visit to the office. People could pick up the new ID cards at the post office, in storage boxes, or they could be delivered by a courier. “We want to go down the path of smart digitization that will save people time and money. If people have other valuable things sent this way, why wouldn’t we find a solution,” Minister of Transport Martin Kupka (ODS) outlined some time ago.

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In addition to requests to exchange or obtain a new driver’s license, the transport portal allows you to find out your points “account”, data on offenses, find information about electronic highway signs, but also about owned or operated vehicles. And even those they no longer own. However, only information from the time of ownership is displayed, i.e. mileage or technical inspection reports. The system does not only serve motor vehicle owners. It also offers similar agendas for sailing and aviation. Candidates can apply for exams here.

What new features are being introduced in the Transport Portal from February?

  • Registration of a road vehicle in the road vehicle register (purchase of a new vehicle in the Czech Republic or import of a vehicle from abroad)
  • Change of owner or operator of a road vehicle (transfer of the vehicle to a new owner/operator)
  • Entry of data changes in the road vehicle register (entry of change of residence, name of owner/operator or change of vehicle technical data)
  • Issuance of an additional plate with a registration plate (issuance of a plate with a registration plate to be placed on the carrier of bikes, luggage, etc.)
  • Decommissioning of a road vehicle or registration of the death of a road vehicle (decommissioning of a non-operating or stolen vehicle or registration of the death of a vehicle)
  • Issuance of a new road vehicle registration certificate (issuance of a new ORV due to its loss or theft)
  • Notification of loss, destruction or theft of a license plate (reporting a missing license plate to protect against misuse)
  • Issuance of a license plate for export (issuance of a license plate when selling a vehicle outside the territory of the Czech Republic)

Source: Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

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