He crashed three times before parking

He crashed three times before parking
He crashed three times before parking

01 February 2024 – 10:35

DN Jeseník photo source: PČR

Three victims in Jeseník were convinced that hunger can be a mess and can cause quite a lot of damage. Hunger was the impetus for a 72-year-old drunken man who got behind the wheel and went to the store to buy something.

On the evening of Wednesday, January 31, a senior citizen came home from a restaurant. “He realized that he was hungry, so he decided to drive his Renault Megane to the nearest supermarket. He couldn’t get out of the parking space and crashed into a parked Toyota Auris. After leaving the parking lot, he didn’t even manage to turn right and crashed into the fence of the house opposite the exit from the parking lot. The second impact didn’t stop the senior either. He continued driving. A few tens of meters further on, he crashed a third time, into a Škoda Kamiq parked on the side of the road.” said Tereza Neubauerová, spokesperson for the police of the Olomouc region.

The driver returned with the car after completing the purchase. “The witness of the whole event was already waiting for him here. He tried to detain him until the police arrived. There was a scuffle in the process,” informed the spokeswoman.

The police conducted an indicative breath test for alcohol on the driver. “With a positive result of 1.74 per thousand of alcohol. They also confiscated his driver’s license and took him for a medical examination involving a blood draw.” the spokeswoman added.

The damage caused is preliminarily estimated at 90 thousand crowns.

Author: editor, text, T. Neubauerová, photo source: PČR

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