“We don’t live in a perfect world, almost a miracle.” The press release for the application fiasco resembled a comedy


“When it is launched tomorrow (Friday) evening, there will still be plenty of time,” Education Minister Mikuláš Bek (STAN) blurted out at the briefing. He and the director of Cermat, Miroslav Krejčí, poured ashes on each other’s heads and defended the indefensible with high-flying phrases: that they failed to start the system that the applicants and their parents were waiting for this morning in time.

“I’m sorry, it was definitely a mistake on our part. But we do not live in a perfect world and this is neither the first nor the last electronic system whose launch has been accompanied by delays,” the minister said.

An attempt at a near miracle

“Let’s be fair to Zermatt, which took a difficult initiative. Last year there was a huge nervousness about the applications and we decided to try for a near miracle. We developed the system under enormous pressure so that electronic registration would not have to be delayed by a year,” said Bek. He urged parents and applicants to be patient. “Let’s not lose faith that the system will work,” he said.

Hope they get it up and running soon. Directors are so far lenient about the collapse of the application system

Back in September last year, in an interview with Novinky, Bek confidently declared that he was “not afraid of any trouble”. “I’m reasonably confident we’ll have the technical side of the solution by the end of the year,” he said at the time. Even his department assured until the last moment that the system had passed stress tests and there was no danger of embarrassment.

Fear of hackers

According to Bek, however, it was not until Wednesday evening that it became clear that there was a problem with one of the system’s functions, which allows uploading of attachments. “We are intensively working on a solution. We hope to resolve the issue in the next few hours and then the system must be tested. It’s not an insurmountable mistake,” said Bek.

“One of the tasks that was supposed to be failed failed. We sat on it non-stop overnight, it was fixed in the morning, but it was necessary to go into the source code and make corrections. Any such repair could cause a security flaw that could be exploited by a hacker,” explained Krejčí. “I’m also sorry that we didn’t launch the system as promised, but we’d rather launch it with certainty than make the mess even bigger,” said Cermat’s director.

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“It is a technical problem in functionality. It is a serious matter that must be removed,” added the minister. “It needs to be seen by more eyes and thoroughly tested, even if it’s uncomfortable,” Bek said.

The tailor isn’t done yet

The minister will not want Krejčí’s head yet, on the contrary, he has stood up for the director of Cermat. But he asks him to present an analysis of the causes. “I will proceed in such a way that I first want to solve the problem, start the system, and then think about the personnel consequences,” said the minister.

“The political gesture of recalling Mr. Krejčí would be senseless and cheap. I want him to correct the mistake, then we’ll talk about how it happened,” said Bek, adding that he had no doubts about Krejčí’s competence. The director of Cermat also said that he does not intend to resign. “If I had resigned on the first day, I would have taken it as running away from the fight. If the minister does not dismiss me, I will not resign,” Krejčí said.

But the minister admitted that the application deadline, which ends on February 20, could be extended. “We’ll deal with that on Monday,” Bek said. Krejčí refused the deadline extension in the morning on CT.

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