The bison suffered significant losses. Who, on the other hand, stays and comes


With the last day of January, the possibility of transfers in hockey competitions ended. News is also reported by Prerov’s Zubři. Among other things, the goalkeeper of the Liberec Tigers is moving to Hana, but the coaches of Mikeska and Dočkal are also counting on unpleasant losses.

Josef Němeček during the hockey derby Prostějov – Přerov

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Let’s start with the situation in the goal area, where Michal Postava, the best goalkeeper of the Chance League, has been reigning in recent weeks. Josef Němeček, who picked up a clean sheet in the derby with Prostějov, also said goodbye to Přerov with this fantastic feat and is returning to the second division Letňany.

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“We did not think about extending his tenure with us. We have a replacement for him,” HC Zubr Přerov sports manager Pavel Hanák told Deník.

Who is it about? Already on January 20th, the second division club Hodonín announced that Dominik Piták, a 23-year-old protege of Technika Brno, who played in the youth and junior teams of Vítkovice, was scheduled to alternate starts for Přerov.

The Zubři can now also use the services of the 19-year-old Liberec junior Michael Schnattinger. He tried out the Canadian WHL last season, is a member of Kometa Brno and was part of the bronze team from this year’s World Twenty20 Championship.

Brno goalkeeper Štěpán Lukeš and Mladá Boleslav’s Mark Stuchlík also continue to alternate starts.

Without Talafy and Lednický

A big question mark hung over the continuation of the Tomáš Pospíšil – Tadeáš Talafa duo all January. They headed to Hana from Zlín in exchange for striker Vojtěch Tomi. Only Tomáš Pospíšil will continue to work in Přerov.

“We wanted to keep both, defender Talaf unconditionally, but his fate is firmly in the hands of Zlín and everything depended on their decision,” explained Pavel Hanák.

He was equally interested in striker Vojtěch Lednický, who helped the Zubrs from the extra-league Vítkovice. But even he will not continue in Přerov.

“Unfortunately, the negotiations did not work out in the end. Anyway, it was a win for both sides. The boys had the coaches’ trust, a lot of ice-time and helped us a lot in January to get important points,” Hanák is aware.

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For the time being, forward Jan Svoboda remains in Chomutov, who, according to, was supposed to sign a contract with the Pirates for the next two seasons.

“I read that too, but we have him in our hands by the end of this year and he can come back to us. If it’s needed, it will happen,” the Přerov manager put the situation into perspective.

And it may happen soon. Not only because of Lednický’s departure or because of an injury to one of the attackers. In extra league Olomouc excellently introduced in January by Daniel Ministr and Joshua James Mácha. As long as Mora has an extensive squad, it is likely that she will continue to use the services of the forwards that she loaned to Přerov before the season.

“No one wants to prevent them from playing in the extra league. At the moment, we don’t know what will happen next. We hope they will stay with us,” wishes Pavel Hanák.

Reinforcements from the second league

In addition to the goalkeeper Piták, the Zubrs can also use new interesting names from the second league. The 24-year-old defender Ludvík Rutar from Šumperk, interesting 20-year-old forward Marek Brada can jump in from Opava. Already in the summer, Viktor Konečný from Nové Jičín, who scored 24 goals in 28 duels and is the most productive player of his team, was already on trial with Zubr.

Ludvík Rutar in the Šumperk jersey.

The Zubrů Rutar team played in the All-Star Game

The former Zubrs changed their jersey

In the transfer market, two names well known to Přerov fans also changed places of work. Striker Vlastimil Dostálek headed from Hungarian Dunaújváros to Polish Zaglebie Sosnowiec.

Another forward, Michal Popelka, returned to Moravia after a season in France and two seasons in the fourth highest German competition, and will play in Valašské Meziříčí.

“If we had known about his arrival in the second league a few weeks earlier, we would have been interested and we would have checked his performance. But we solved other alternating starts from this competition, we had other players selected for a longer time,” Pavel Hanák mentioned in conclusion.

Michal Popelka in a Nice jersey

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