The Security Committee on the intervention at FF: GIBS has not yet detected a criminal offense on the part of the police. And document disputes


During the shooting in the faculty building in the center of Prague on December 21, 14 people, including students and teachers, lost their lives. After the attack, the perpetrator, who according to the police was a student of the faculty, committed suicide. On Thursday, the committee returned to discussing the police crackdown, which it started in January. Police President Martin Vondrášek emphasized at the beginning of the discussion that the police has been publishing as much information as possible from the beginning, and currently has no new information.

According to Hendrych, GIBS is about a third or half of its investigation, and wants to complete it within two to three months. “So far, we have not found any facts that would give us suspicions or findings that a crime was committed by a member of the police,” he said. The inspection did not initiate any criminal proceedings.

The opposition MPs were annoyed that the police did not want to provide them with the report of the Internal Control Office of the Police Presidium. Based on the Act on Free Access to Information, according to Vondrášek, some media will receive it in the near future. However, for the most part, the police rejected the requests, so the report will be blacked out in these parts.

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Vondrášek emphasized that the GIBS investigation and criminal proceedings in the case of the shooting itself, where the public prosecutor’s office reserved the right to inform the public, are continuing. The document contains a whole range of information that has a direct impact on the ongoing criminal proceedings. “I am convinced that if I had provided it otherwise, I would have violated the decision of the public prosecutor and the criminal code,” he said.

In January, the internal inspection of the police stated in its report that the police acted correctly during the intervention and during the previous search for the suspect, but that crisis communication with school representatives should have been better. During the search for the student due to his possible suicidal intentions, they did not inform the faculty management, but only the school staff present.

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Author: Anastazie Podhůrská

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