Forest of windmills in Olomouc. The municipality deals with offers, a long strip of propellers may arise


At Huzová, it currently looks like five windmills, but there is also a possible expansion into land with the function of a forest owned by Olomouc. “That is still under discussion,” the mayor specified.

If the plan in the maximalist version were to receive the necessary approvals, the system of windmills would possibly consist of ten to eleven masts with rotors.

Discussed 17 windmills near Moravské Beroun

Currently, the most discussed wind park in the north of Olomouc is being considered by an investor in Moravian Beroun. A total of 17 wind farms with a total height of 230 meters, rotor blades with a length of 81 meters, with an installed power of 6.2 to 7.2MW could be built.

A gigantic swarm of windmills near Moravské Beroun arouses resistance. The referendum will decide

Ten in the cadastre of Čabová and seven in the cadastre of Moravské Beroun – direction Dětřichov nad Bystřicí. A petition of opponents was created here, debates took place with citizens and the representatives decided to call a referendum in December, at the time of the European Parliament elections. President Petr Pavel announced their dates a week ago for Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8.

“By then, I would like to organize a discussion of citizens with an independent expert. Subsequently, even before the referendum itself, a discussion should take place with the investor himself. So that everyone who is interested has the maximum amount of information for their decision when voting,” said the mayor of the city, Jan Hicz.

New windmills are growing at Jívová. Illegal, opponents point out

They are currently also negotiating with companies in municipalities where wind power plants are already standing.

“We are thinking about construction. We are dealing with the same company that built the wind power plants in Jívová,” confirmed the mayor Hranicne Petrovice I recommend Kalus.

“The first proposal was eight, but we swept that off the table. We are waiting for another option, we haven’t had a second meeting yet,” he explained the current situation.

Horní Loděnice has already signed

IN Upper Loděnice, on whose cadastre most of the power plants of the so far largest Horní Loděnice-Lipina park operate, have already signed a contract with the investor. It could be up to five windmills. The Úsovsko agricultural company of ex-Minister of Agriculture Jiří Milko would like to build them.

“We have expressed our consent to the implementation of the plan and signed a contract with Úsovsk, for one simple reason: it is an important source of income for the municipality for a long time,” confirmed Mayor Gustav Repaň.

Visualization of wind farms near Branná.

150 meters high. Giant wind farms can grow near Branná

They currently have several offers on the table in Norwegianswhere the windmills are already standing.

“We haven’t signed the contract yet. We have submitted offers. We turned to a legal office to develop a methodology for us. The offers are all interesting, but each one is a little different, we are considering all options,” said the mayor of the village, Stanislav Hudáček.

The municipalities in the neighboring Rýmařovské and Opavsk regions are also discussing wind power plants.

We don’t find it disturbing in the landscape

The mayors of the municipalities on the outskirts of Olomouc agreed that when considering offers, an interesting influx of money into the municipal coffers is essential for local governments.

“It is the only opportunity for such a small municipality to obtain significant funds that we can invest in the development of the municipality,” pointed out the mayor from Norberčan.

According to the mayors of the municipalities where the windmills are already located, the offers from investors have also increased significantly since the last construction.

“Back then we were talking about hundreds of thousands of crowns a year, today we are an order of magnitude higher,” confirmed Hudáček.

The solar power plant is to be built on the roof of the municipal office in Hněvotín.

The municipalities of Olomouc are preparing solar power plants for schools and town halls

According to them, the machines that would eventually be built would also be the most modern and powerful.

“Although the masts will be higher, they will have a smaller number of revolutions. The noise would be significantly lower,” he enumerated.

IN Huzov the municipality was approached by the offer not only because of certain income to the budget, but also on principle.

“In the council, we are inclined to support renewable energy sources. We have nothing against it, and if there are suitable conditions for it here, as there are, then we are in favor. We don’t think it’s disruptive to the landscape, that’s how the majority in the council perceives it,” said the mayor of the village.

Windmills near Horní Loděnice in the panorama of Nízké Jeseník nad Šternberkem. illustrative photo

Opponents of windmills in Jívová are not giving up: They will see them from Olomouc, they will disturb Kopeček!

Mutkov: No way

However, there are also municipalities in the Nízké Jeseník area where the balance between the support of renewable resources and the landscape is perceived differently. Specifically, the smallest municipality of Olomouc – Mutkov.

“We are not in favor of it in any way. This beautiful landscape is our top priority. Let’s protect what we have left, we have nothing more valuable here,” appealed the mayor of Mutkov, Ivana Strnadová.

Mutkov, August 2021

The smallest village pulls. Young people do not run away from the picturesque Mutkov, the cottages are sought after

Licensing could speed up

As the mayors of the municipalities where they support wind turbines believe, permitting their construction should soon be faster. So-called acceleration zones are being prepared, i.e. zones where it should be easier to permit wind farms.

They are regulated by the new European directive RED IV and are being set up by the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Regional Development.

Mutkov, August 2021

The smallest village pulls. Young people do not run away from the picturesque Mutkov, the cottages are sought after

The Minister of the Environment, Petr Hladík, recently stated that he would like to prepare these zones and secure them legislatively by 2025. According to the minister, as quoted by ČTK, the time needed to process all the necessary permits for construction could then be shortened to one year in the optimal variant. Today, according to the developers, the preparation of the project takes up to ten years.

Zones should be in all regions. In total, several dozen of them should be created on the territory of the Czech Republic.

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