ANO requests an extraordinary meeting of the House of Representatives. He wants to solve Fial’s unrecognized share in the pawn shop


The ANO movement requested the convening of an extraordinary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, the reason being Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s (ODS) ownership stake in the Business Credit Union (PDZ). ANO club president Alena Schillerová informed journalists about this during today’s visit to Česká Lípa.

Seznam Zprávy drew attention to the omission, saying that Fiala could be fined fifty thousand. The prime minister has already apologized for the mistake in the past and explained it by saying that he had a current account in the reserve and did not realize that this meant a share at the same time.

“At our parliamentary club, we resolved and collected signatures to convene an extraordinary meeting entitled ‘the prime minister’s forgotten million in a dubious camp, suspicion of black financing of the ODS and money laundering’. The Prime Minister and the entire ODS will be given space to explain what actually happened, and Petr Fiala will also be able to publish his tax returns before entering politics, as the previous Prime Minister Andrej Babiš did,” added Schillerová.

Prime Minister Fiala considers the explanation of his share in the insurance company to be sufficient. The convening of an extraordinary meeting of the lower house by the ANO movement is an example of its empty program.

Asset declarations must be submitted by politicians and high-ranking civil servants under the Conflict of Interest Act every year. According to Fiala, the consultation with experts showed that the potential fine may already be time-barred. “If it is confirmed, I am determined to donate 50,000 crowns to charity projects. I consider it an honorable solution to this situation,” he added.

Seznam Zprávy reported on the case, for example, here:

Babiš today called on the Prime Minister to publish his 2011 assets and tax returns from the same year, before he became Minister of Education in 2012, and his annual tax returns. “He should show if he really had the resources for those assets in order to be transparent,” Babiš added.

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