The electronic application system has failed. “We have to learn to work with mistakes,” says Minister Bek


The problem with the launch of the electronic application system for secondary schools is a fundamental mistake, says MP Pavel Klíma (TOP 09), who is in charge of the education committee of the House of Representatives. According to him, the Minister of Education Mikuláš Bek (STAN) is responsible for the fact that it did not start working after midnight. Klíma stated that the governing coalition had a “single shot” that was wasted. Former Minister of Education Petr Gazdík (STAN) believes that the system will be put into operation soon, but he understands the discord between parents and schools.

Klíma wants to discuss the matter at the committee meeting next Wednesday, where Bek and the director of the organization responsible for the preparation of the Cermat admissions procedure, Miroslav Krejčí, were previously invited. However, it is possible that the committee will act at a later date. The deputy wants to believe that the system will start working in the near future, as the ministry promises.

“I understand that they only discovered the error yesterday (Wednesday) evening. But that doesn’t excuse them, the whole system should have been tested,” said Klíma. According to him, personal responsibility should be imposed. At the same time, Krejčí was identified as the person responsible. “The minister said he would see to it,” he said. According to him, it is still up for consideration whether it would be possible to extend the space for submitting applications by two days, every day is important, he thinks.

Gazdík believes that the system will be put into operation soon, according to him, no other solution should be sought. “The time to get the system up and running was really short,” he wrote. “However, as a school director, I understand well the sensitivity and disharmony of parents and schools from yet another IT problem of the state,” he added.

Bek on the X network wrote that the security of the data and the entire system has priority over meeting the launch date. He reminded that there is time until February 20 to submit the application. “I apologize for the complications and ask applicants and parents for patience. We will inform about the launch of the system,” he said.

At the afternoon press conference, Bek apologized to the public for the complications, but Zermat defended himself. The whole situation is said to be due to the fact that there was no time to call for a regular selection procedure, while the minister praised the initiative of Cermat, which took on the development of the application system. He also emphasized that this is a technical problem in one feature among many. “It’s a mistake, it shouldn’t have happened, on the other hand, perfection in this world is not entirely easy,” he said.

The minister rejected the appeal of the director of Cermat, at least for the time being. “In education, there is a lot of talk about how to work with mistakes,” Bek found an analogy with the situation. “So I think it would be right for us to draw conclusions from it this time as well, which will allow us to avoid this problem in the future,” he declared. According to him, there is no time or space for personnel decisions.

The director of Cermat Krejčí himself stated that he is not considering resigning. “The launch of the system is only the beginning, it is not the end of the journey. And if I were to resign and give up my position at the first problem on the first day after launch, then I would understand it as my weakness and running away from the fight. If I am not recalled, I will not resign at this moment, ” he told reporters.

The electronic application submission system is linked to basic registers. Due to the expected rush of users, the Digital and Information Agency (DIA) has therefore strengthened the Citizen Identity system by 45 percent, through which people will log into the system. The agency took the measure due to recent problems logging into the new eDoklady application.

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