The hurricane swept the bus off the road. Norway has been hit by the strongest storm in 30 years


On the island of Soemma, according to the AP agency, the Norwegian record for wind speed fell. The weather station there measured a gust of 195.8 kilometers per hour.

Some coastal areas are flooded, ferries have stopped operating. Norwegian authorities have closed several tunnels, bridges and roads due to gusts of wind, downpour and heavy snow.

At least 12,000 households are without power, in the port of Bodö a hurricane blew out the windows of one of the hotels, and the police then closed the city center “due to the threat to health and life”.

Photo: Per-Inge Johnsen, CTK/AP

Norwegian police closed the entrance to the center of Bodö, where gusts of wind destroyed building facades and roofs.

At Laerdal, a gust of wind accompanying the Ingunn swept a bus with 14 people from the road. According to the police, none of them were hurt.

On the island of Hinnöya, the wind damaged part of the roof and facade of the university hospital. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute warns of the danger of avalanches, landslides and flash floods in some places.

The storm, which had the force of a hurricane, also hit Sweden on Thursday night. The hydrometeorological institute there issued the highest level of warning for the county of Norrbotten in the north of the country. In Kiruna, authorities closed schools.

Storm Pia has struck in the north of Europe, accompanied by a hurricane. We can already feel its echoes here

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