Deposits on PET bottles are supported by more women


Backing up is supported by 80 percent of women, but “only” 73 percent of men, according to the survey. Among young people between 27 and 35 years of age, it is 81 percent, followed by people between 36-44 years of age with 80 percent. The 45 to 53-year-old age group has the least support, 71 percent.

“The survey result is exactly the same as in 2022,” said Ipsos analyst Michal Straka. Among the arguments for backup is primarily environmental protection.

Opponents argue that this will mean a reduction in comfort. They will have to carry the packaging back to the stores. Backup bottles and cans must also not be wrinkled.

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The amendment to the Packaging Act, which passed the comment procedure and which still needs to be approved by the government and legislators, envisages the introduction of backups for plastic bottles and cans. According to her, it should start in the middle of next year. The amount of the deposit will probably be four crowns per package.

Dispute over money

The municipalities, for which PET bottles represent an important source of income, are against it. They are the most valuable part of sorted waste. According to critics, backups will also incur high costs for retailers. According to the Ministry of the Environment, it should be 1.4 billion crowns.


Do you support deposits on PET bottles?

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However, according to Kristýna Havligerová from the Initiative for Advances, the municipalities will not lose money. “The study by the CETA Institute showed that the income from the sale does not belong to the municipalities, but to the sorting lines. Part of it is transferred to the municipalities in the form of discounts for sorting, but the majority ends up as income for waste companies,” she said.

According to the Minister of the Environment Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL), the municipality will not lose money. “The future operator will be obliged to pay part of the uncollected advances in the amount of 15 percent to the municipalities,” he said. On average, the municipality is to receive an extra 39 crowns for each of its citizens.

According to Vladimír Kočí from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, backup will have a positive impact on nature. “It can ensure a reduction of environmental impacts by up to 28 percent,” he said.

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