Intervention against the shooter from the faculty: GIBS has not yet detected any crime by the police

Intervention against the shooter from the faculty: GIBS has not yet detected any crime by the police
Intervention against the shooter from the faculty: GIBS has not yet detected any crime by the police

The General Inspection of the Security Forces (GIBS) has not yet found any facts that would indicate that any of the police officers committed a crime during the intervention in the December shooting at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University (FF UK). At today’s meeting of the parliamentary security committee, the head of the inspection, Vít Hendrych, said this. According to him, GIBS could definitely complete its investigation work within two to three months.

Shooting in the center of Prague on December 21, 2023

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According to Hendrych, GIBS is about a third or half way through its investigation, and wants to finish it within two to three months. “So far, we have not found any facts that would give us suspicions or findings that a crime was committed by a member of the police,” he said. The inspection did not initiate any criminal proceedings. According to Hendrych, GIBS evaluates a thousand pages of documents or camera recordings, which are about 100 GB.

Publishing a message

To opposition MPs it bothered me, that the police do not want to provide them with a report from the Internal Control Office of the Police Presidium. Based on the Act on Free Access to Information, according to Vondrášek, some media will receive it in the near future. For the most part though POLICE rejected the request, the message will therefore be blacked out in these parts.

Vondrášek emphasized that the GIBS investigation and criminal proceedings in the case of the shooting itself, where the public prosecutor’s office reserved the right to inform the public, are continuing. The document contains a whole range of information that has a direct impact on the ongoing criminal proceedings. “I am convinced that if I had provided it otherwise, I would have violated the decision of the public prosecutor and the criminal code,” he said.

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According to the head of the committee, Pavel Žaček (ODS), most of the members of the committee agreed with the police chief’s position that the deputies cannot see the document now. Deputies discussed the attack on the FF UK with Vondrášek and Hendrych for more than an hour behind closed doors. According to Jana Mračková Vildumetzová (ANO), however, there was no reason to conclude negotiations. “I asked several times what we learned that it would have to be in private mode,” she said. She also didn’t learn why she couldn’t get the internal audit report, she added. The committee will return to the intervention on the FF UK.

In January, the police’s internal control stated in its report that the police officers had acted correctly during the intervention and during the previous search for the suspect, but the crisis should have been better communication with school representatives. During the search for the student due to his possible suicidal intentions, they did not inform the faculty management, but only the school staff present.

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