The state enterprise paved the way for the national park. He retracted his “fundamental disagreement”

The state enterprise paved the way for the national park. He retracted his “fundamental disagreement”
The state enterprise paved the way for the national park. He retracted his “fundamental disagreement”

Another obstacle has disappeared from the path to the planned declaration of a national park in the Křivoklátsk region. Another state-owned enterprise managing the local forests stopped rebelling against the plans from the Fial government program, against which most of the municipalities and people living in the region are protesting.

After the Forests of the Czech Republic withdrew their strong objections to the declaration of a park last February, the Military Forests and Farms have now definitively put it back.

The change of position was confirmed by Seznam Zprávám company spokesperson Jan Sotona. “During the entire process, the reasons that motivated these initiatives (submission of objections) have disappeared,” he said. The planned park is said to no longer threaten the strategic plans of the Department of Defense.

Initially, the state-owned company expressed “fundamental disagreement” with the idea of ​​a national park in Křivoklátsk. She did not like the fact that the park on its northwestern edge, near the village of Bratronice, should also include army land, which is “important for the defense of the state”.

The company changed its mind after reaching an agreement with the civil Forestry of the Czech Republic on the exchange of roughly 500 hectares in the incriminated location. He will receive replacement plots with a similar area in Brdy for them.

Photo: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

Map of the park under consideration.

The Forests of the Czech Republic also did not agree with the park at first.

Director General Dalibor Šafařík stated that the state of the forests in Křivoklátsk is in “fundamental contradiction” with the definition for declaring a national park. “These are not natural ecosystems that have been little affected or altered by humans,” wrote Šafařík in the objections filed.

He explained the subsequent U-turn with the sentence: “We withdrew the objections to the intention to declare the Křivoklátsko National Park, saying that we respect the political agreement aimed at fulfilling the government’s program statement.”

On whose instructions he reconsidered the position, the director general did not say, but the Minister of the Environment Petr Hladík stated: “We follow the program statement of the government, which applies to all departments and their subordinate organizations – i.e. also to Forests of the Czech Republic.”

The municipalities in Křivoklátsk, which are fighting against the declaration of the park, believe that the managements of both state-owned enterprises succumbed to pressure from government circles.

“I think it’s exactly the same for both companies,” said the mayor of Karlova Ves Iveta Kohoutová, who heads the Association of Křivoklátska Municipalities. According to Kohoutová, this union was also interested in whether the Military Forests and Estates withdrew their objections. According to the mayor, nothing of the sort resulted from the terse answer he received from the Ministry of the Environment at the end of January.

Despite the current situation, the mayors are not going to put up with the declaration of a park, they are convinced that the local nature is very well protected by the current PLA Křivoklátsko.

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