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Earthquake in Austria: It didn’t matter. They also measured tremors in ski centers


Thursday’s earthquake in the district of Neunkirchen added to a series of dozens of very weak tremors that seismologists recorded in Austria already during January. They measured activity mainly in Tyrol, including famous ski centers. The tremors continued on Friday, February 2. But according to experts, the ski season is not in any way threatened and Austrian earthquakes are not an unusual phenomenon. Seismological activity appears there from time to time.

Even a weak earthquake can crack roads or house walls. illustrative photo

| Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Gedstrom, free work

The strongest yet earthquake measured in the night from Wednesday 31 January to Thursday 1 February near the town of Gloggnitz in Dolní Austria about a power of 4.4. It can already cause damage to buildings, which is also confirmed by the Austrian press. “There was a deep rumbling sound and the whole house suddenly shook! We live in Ternitz and we know earthquakes. But this time it was strong, even my dog ​​and cat jumped out of bed in fear! We now have cracks on the stairs,” one resident of Ternitz told Kronen Zeitung. Otherwise, however, the earthquake was avoided without serious damage or the intervention of firefighters.

The tremors in Austria were also felt by people in the Czech Republic, for example in Znojmo, Brno or Pilsen:

A strong earthquake in Austria shook the ground in western Bohemia as well

Seismological activity continued on Friday, according to Austrian sources. Shortly before eight o’clock in the morning, instruments measured tremors with a magnitude of 1.7 in the vicinity of the town of Leibnitz in Styria. The February shocks thus complete the series that started in Austria in January. “During January, we registered several dozen tremors in Tyrol, in the area of ​​St. John. These were weaker tremors,” confirmed Jana Pazdírková, an analyst at the Institute of Earth Physics of the Masaryk University in Brno.

Tyrol is currently the center skiing and other winter sports, seismologists also confirmed tremors in, for example, Kitzbühl or the vicinity of Innsbruck. According to Pazdírková, there is no threat to the ski season. “It cannot be ruled out that weaker tremors could, for example, cause avalanches, but the local mountain service would of course react to that and would not let skiers onto the slopes. But otherwise, it is nothing significant or unusual,” she summed up.

Massive New Year’s earthquakes modified the map of the Noto Peninsula in central Japan. There are new beaches from the seabed:

Earthquake in Japan moved coastline by 240 metres, satellite images reveal

The Alps themselves are the result of the uplift of mountain ranges following the collision and subduction of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates. And seismological activity takes place here regularly. Just like in Lower Austria and in the so-called Vienna basin. “Sometimes they are stronger, sometimes weaker. But they take place regularly, the tension is still there. For example, in 2001, the earthquake in Lower Austria was even stronger than the current one,” recalled the scientist of the magnitude 4.6 earthquake.

There is no danger in the Czech Republic

Shocks from Austria felt i people in the Czech Republic. However, experts deny that the principle of continuity would work in the case of earthquakes, for example that the Austrian earthquakes could also awaken seismological activity in western Bohemia, where earthquakes occur from time to time. “It doesn’t work like that,” refused Jan Zedník, head of the seismological service at the Institute of Geophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

At the beginning of January, a cable car carrying four passengers collapsed in the Hochoetz ski area in the Austrian Tyrol:

Cable car, illustration photo

A cable car cabin collapsed in the west of Austria. Four people were seriously injured

“The reasons for earthquake activity in Austria and in western Bohemia are completely different. In the case of the Alps, it is a collision of tectonic plates, while in Western Bohemia it is an echo volcanic activity of volcanoes,” he explained.

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