The first trolleybus that crashes into itself! The people of Prague laugh at the longest vehicle


In December of last year, Prague introduced the Škoda Solaris 24 large-capacity three-section trolleybus, which can accommodate a total of 179 passengers. This giant should operate on the line that connects Veleslavín and Václav Havel Airport, at least until the train connection is completed.

The sharp start of operation of the new trolleybus is planned for March, until then, they must drive the mandatory 15,000 kilometers with passengers in a test run. They can now enjoy the novelty on the route between Palmovka and Letňany. “The trolleybus has currently traveled the required 5,950 kilometers without passengers. Part of the kilometers were driven without load and part with load, exactly according to the requirements of the railway authority. Now 15,000 kilometers with passengers will follow,” Jan Barchánek, head of bus operations of the transport company (DPP), said in December.

From Veleslavín to the airport

However, the transport company also tests the new machines on the route on which they will be driven. That is, from Veleslavín to the airport. “A three-section trolleybus for the first time on the route to the airport. Passability tests of the route of the future line 59 with the Škoda-Solaris 24m trolleybus in battery mode were carried out today. We now have 3 trolleybuses of this type available from the manufacturer out of a total of 20 ordered, which are intended for the trolleybus line currently under construction from Nádraží Veleslavín to the airport,” the transport company informed at the end of January.

He breaks into himself!

But it was during these tests that the people of Prague noticed that the trolleybus had a problem turning corners in some places, especially at the exit from the turnpike in Veleslavín. Of course, there were also videos where mocking comments were not spared. “This will be the first vehicle to crash into itself on the airport roundabout,” one user wrote. “I feel sorry for the driver, he must be a bit of a kamikaze,” said another.

“I’d add a trailer and that’s it,” scoffs another. “And the only way Prague will solve it is to turn 3 lanes into 2,” writes another. Traffic expert Roman Budský was also embarrassed. I think the driver will have enough for the whole shiftBudský told CNN Prima News.

But it is precisely for these reasons that these test drives take place, to “catch flies”. “As part of the test drives that took place last Tuesday, we verified the passability of the vehicle along the entire length of the future line with the participation of the Police of the Czech Republic, the Transport Department of the capital city municipality and other authorities. Based on the results of the investigation, the concerned authorities are authorized to adjust the organization of traffic locally on roads, such as light signaling at intersections, traffic solutions, changing lanes, traffic signs, etc. Currently, everything is being resolved,” the transport company said.

From March 2024, a trolleybus should start running to Václav Havel Airport in Prague, 21/11/2023

From March 2024, a trolleybus should start running to Václav Havel Airport in Prague, 21/11/2023

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