Scout, home for the rich, autonomous karts and other projects! The Technical Olympiad has a winner – PHOTOS

Scout, home for the rich, autonomous karts and other projects! The Technical Olympiad has a winner – PHOTOS
Scout, home for the rich, autonomous karts and other projects! The Technical Olympiad has a winner – PHOTOS

There were real attractions to see – a house for the rich, a mechatronic hand, a music amplifier, a guitar combo, a four-wheel cart, an improved autonomous go-kart or a biogas station or a scout tracking device. The best teams were awarded with tablets and vouchers for the purchase of electronics in the value of 5,000, 3,000 and 1,000 CZK.

“The 11th year of the Technical Olympiad is being organized by the Pilsen Region in cooperation with the University of West Bohemia. We have been cooperating for a long time in this competition with three technical faculties,” stated Jaroslava Havlíčková, head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Pilsen Region.

Student teams, consisting of 2-4 students from one high school, competed in two categories. “The gymnasium competes separately and the other secondary schools separately,” specified Jaroslava Havlíčková.

Teams from secondary schools are also supported by the university. “All teams under the leadership of an experienced teacher had the opportunity to consult with designated experts on individual topics from the ZČU, which always provides them with the opportunity to use the laboratory space for the necessary measurements as part of the experiments,” says Deputy Governor for Education and Sports Vladimír Kroc.

Tachov students presented a unique house called Vila Eva. The team consisting of Evarist Tintěra, Marcus Maxmilián Tempír, Ondřej Hakl and Kateřina Košátková took home a high reward for their work, a voucher worth 5000 crowns.

“We have been designing Villa Eva since March 2023. It is a villa for rich people, which meets all comfort features, is modern, contains intelligent elements, a green roof, meets excellent ecology,” revealed to QAP Evarist Tintěra, who is in his second year studying the field called Technical equipment of buildings at the Tachov-Světce Secondary School of Technology.

The name of the modern villa presented by the students came about simply. “It’s on my behalf,” reveals Evarist, adding that the weekends before the Olympics were very busy for the students: “For the last month, we devoted ourselves really intensively to the project, we worked on the villa every weekend.”

According to the Pilsen region, the level of work continues to rise. “Compared to previous years, the level of projects was even higher,” confirmed Jaroslava Havlíčková.

The region regularly organizes events of this type with the aim of promoting technical education. “ROBO, i.e. the international robotics competition, is approaching. Teams from abroad, from China, Turkey, etc. are already registered there. The technical level of the products there is also going up.” Deputy Vladimír Kroc reports the nearest similar event.

This year, 14 schools took part in the Technical Olympiad, which the region announces together with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, including SVČ Radovánek.

Students from Secondary Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering and Secondary Vocational School of Professor Švejcar in Pilsen they scored with the model steam powered ships and also with electric guitar. They took home a tablet from the Olympics for their works. The tablet was also obtained by the team from Mikulášský gymnasium for Smart Aquarium or students from the Higher Vocational School and the Secondary Industrial School of Electrical Engineering from Pilsen for tube amplifier, SPBox and Scout.

Among the schools also scored Leisure center Radovánek. The entertainment team demonstrated an improved autonomous go-kart, for which they also took home a tablet. Students from Domažlice gymnasiumwho presented a project called Visualization on the Edge of Reality.

Schools registered for the competition:

• Higher Vocational School and Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering, Plzeň, Koterovská 85

• Secondary Industrial School of Engineering and Secondary Vocational School of Professor Švejcar, Plzeň, Klatovská 109

• Secondary industrial school of construction, Pilsen, Chodské nám. 2

• Secondary industrial school, Tachov, Světce 1

• Secondary school of informatics and financial services, Plzeň, Klatovská 200 G

• Secondary industrial school, Klatovy, kpt. Stickers 362

• Sports gymnasium Pilsen

• Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering, Plzeň, Vejprnická 56

• Luďka Pika High School, Plzeň, Opavská 21

• RADOVÁNEK leisure center

• Gymnasium, Pilsen, Mikulášské nám. 23

• Secondary School of Transport, Pilsen, Karlovarská 99

• J.Š. Baara Gymnasium, Domažlice, Pivovarská 323

• Jaroslav Vrchlický High School, Klatovy, National Martyrs 347

• Masaryk Gymnasium, Pilsen, Petákova 2


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