The Karlovy Vary Region will definitely not be good at the beginning of February

The Karlovy Vary Region will definitely not be good at the beginning of February
The Karlovy Vary Region will definitely not be good at the beginning of February

Wang Xin – In the Dark Cave
From Friday 2.2.
is an exhibition open to the public by a Chinese artist in the branch of the Art Gallery CarlsbadBecher’s villa interactive gallery.
Chinese artist Wang Xin is presenting herself in the Czech Republic for the first time. However, visitors to the exhibition may be surprised that the work of the young Chinese artist does not resemble the classical masters of Chinese painting and drawing. On the contrary, we could look for genetic connections in the morphology of expression with European art. Her work is explained by the curator of the exhibition Professor John Yau and compared to the greats of European culture. However, this does not mean that Wang Xin’s inspirational origins are obvious at first glance. On the contrary, her specific means of expression consist in inducing uncertainty in the perceiving viewer precisely in what he sees. Although the Chinese artist’s figural compositions are based on an erudite knowledge of human anatomy, the author treats bodies and their fragments quite freely, expressively, in favor of her distinctive visions, which evoke scenes on the border between dreams and bizarre reality. The figures or their parts emerge from the dark background, they are mostly woven with a green fluorescent line, as if they are approaching the viewer and drawing him into their immaterial reality, unspoken story, and return to the darkness. Although we are not able to clearly grasp the content statement of Wang Xin’s figurative scenes, we can state that they have a thoroughly existential character. Through them, the author reflects on the existence on the border between the real being and the illusion, reflects on the creation and disappearance, thinks about the material nature of our life and the forms of metaphysical metamorphosis. He transforms his deeply personal philosophical reflections into a visually suggestive statement, which will certainly appeal to Czech visitors with its depth and persuasiveness. Curator John Yau quite rightly named her exhibition set in Karlovy Vary with the mysterious name “In the Dark Grotto”.

How important it is to have Philip / Oscar Wilde – public general classic English comedy will take place on Friday 2.2. from 10:00 in the West Bohemian Theatre in Cheb.
A brilliant comedy that pokes fun at overbearing Victorian morality and reveals its seriousness as a ridiculous play on words. Masterful dialogues full of jokes, aphorisms and bon mots, sparkling irony and ambiguous statements.
Gentleman Jack lives a double life, in the countryside he goes by his name, but in London he calls himself Filip. In London, he has a friend, Algernon, and in the countryside, a beautiful hideaway, Cecilia. Té claims that he has a licentious brother Filip in London, but he does not exist. Jack is courting Gwendoline, Algernon is in love with Cecilia. Both young ladies love Philip, who doesn’t exist, but it’s important to have him…

City Border cordially invites you to a theater performance THE LUCKY CHOSEN ONE (Version Theatre), which takes place 2. 2. in Beseda from 18:30.

Little artists play great masters in Františkovy Lázně 2. 2. from 19:00 in Císařské lázně.
Concert by Jára Cimrman’s ZUŠ pupils in Františkovy Lázně. From the smallest pupils from kindergartens to talented high school students.

Don’t miss the concert 2. 2. in Císařský Lázně (Lázně I) – Atrium hall in Karlovy Vary at 7:30 p.m.
NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Scheherazade op. 35
PETR ILYCH TCHAIKOVSKY: Eugene Onegin, selection from arias
Performers: Margarita Zhigalkina – soprano, Anton Belyaev – baritone, Prof. Alexander Vitlin – art guarantor

Wetlands Day in Kynšperk nad Ohří enjoy yourself on Saturday 3 February
Observing wintering birds, exploring underwater life in the winter months, making bird feeders and tallow balls. Outdoor shoes, warm clothes and a snack to take with you.
The meeting is at 9:30 a.m. at the bird observatory at Libocké wetlands near the railway station in Kynšperk nad Ohří. Transportation there and back is individual.
Guides: Miroslava Horáková (Czech Ornithological Society) and Aleš Jelínek (4th ZO ČSOP Cheb, Czech Ornithological Society)

Carnival for children – Hazlov starts on saturday 3. 2. at 14:00 in the Hazlov CULTURAL house.
KO-STI will lead you through an afternoon full of dancing and competition, this time as the Pirates of the Caribbean.

A fairy tale full of folk rhymes and songs awaits young and old viewers in the House of Culture Island On Saturday 3. 2. at 3:00 p.m. Presented by the Karlovy Vary Puppet Theater.

The premiere of a brilliant English comedy How important it is to have Philip states 3. 2. from 19:00 West Bohemian Theatre in Cheb.

Treasures of swing
The swing style left us with an amazing signature rhythm and legacy that continues to inspire musicians of contemporary styles and genres. The program will feature timeless melodies from this golden era. The swinging rhythm that imitates the beating of our hearts will bring you a feeling of joy and the desire to dance. Big Band Carlsbad and his soloists perform under the direction of trombonist Zdenek Krám.
Solo singing: Miroslava Lendělová and David Kleňha.
It starts at 19:30 in the Karlovy Vary City Theatre.

50. HUNTING BALL don’t miss out 3. 2. from 20:00 in the Svoboda Cultural Center in Cheb.

Representative ball of the city of Sokolov starts at MDK Sokolov 3. 2. at 20:00.

About Princess Hanička
Karlovy Vary City Theatre
invites on Sunday 4 February from 3:00 p.m. to an epic musical fairy tale about the fairy godmothers who saved the princess from the evil wizard.

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