The High Court overturned the probation for blackmailing schoolgirls and sent the sadistic deviant to prison


According to the new sentence, the young man, who suffers from sadomasochistic disorder, will go to prison for 30 months. “The imposition of protective sexological treatment in the constitutional form remains unchanged,” Supreme Court spokeswoman Kateřina Kolářová informed Novinky.

According to the file, the 22-year-old student forced underage girls to send him nude photos. During a search of his home, the police found an external disk with perverted pornography, including sex with small children.

“Through the social network Snapchat and Instagram, he established communications with underage girls, from whom he demanded to send nude photos and videos,” said the public prosecutor.

Sadistic student forced girls to send him nude photos. The court sent him to an institution

“If any of the girls refused to send more pictures, he threatened to publish them, which he did in some cases,” she added, adding that he kept over 4,000 photo files and videos showing naked girls under 18 and children performing sexual practices on an external drive. According to experts, he could not control himself completely because of his deviation.

At the same time, the judge of the Regional Court in Plzeň confirmed a suspended five-year sentence, stating that the defendant had never committed a criminal activity until then and protective treatment was key for her. And if the defendant was under sentence, it would not be possible to undergo such treatment.

Sexual violence is being committed by younger and younger offenders, even ten-year-old children

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