Men with a glass of bald head face years in prison. “You have something to brag about,” the police receive criticism


The police reported on the X social network about a man from Doks, who was found with a number of bald head mushrooms. However, the police report with the attached photo was the target of ridicule on social networks. Users most often compare the “harmless” act to rape, the punishment of which has recently been a widely discussed topic in society, while others criticize the nature of the police report.

“Yesterday, the Dok police officers checked a local 38-year-old drug user in the city, who then handed them 594 dried bald heads. He had them with him in a mason jar. He allegedly collected them himself last year to test their effect. The punishment will not escape,” the police said on the X social network.

Police post deleted. Photo: Echo24

X users write under the police post on the social network about “the heroes who discovered the canner with bald heads” or with the question “this is how you help and protect”. Others allude to the formulation “punishment will not go away”, point out that the police do not decide on the punishment, but also that the man did not harm anyone by keeping the bald heads, and people often compare his offense to rape. Under the contribution, people laugh at the fact that they would not want to count 594 bald heads.

In this context, the police initiated criminal proceedings for reasonable suspicion of the offense of possession of a narcotic and psychotropic substance and poison on a larger scale. The court can sentence the man to a sentence ranging from six months to five years. “We can start criminal proceedings against the man who gave us the bald heads only after we receive an expert opinion from their expertise,” the police informed in a press release. In the Czech Republic, the possession of more than 40 boletus mushroom fruiting bodies is classified as a criminal offence.

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