Unplugged by IKE: The case of extortion is looking for its bottom

Unplugged by IKE: The case of extortion is looking for its bottom
Unplugged by IKE: The case of extortion is looking for its bottom

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Tomáš Vích inadvertently found himself in the middle of the war over IKEM. It sounds overwrought, but unfortunately it isn’t. His life was saved at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine when he first entered the artificial heart operation program years ago and then the specialists there transplanted him with a human organ. This week he was to appear at a planned press conference, where he was going to thank the doctors for their care.

But someone didn’t want it. So much so that he started threatening him. First by phone, then an unknown man appeared in his garden and repeated the “good” advice: Don’t go to Prague, something could happen to you. As he described to us, that someone had detailed information directly from the hospital database. Which connected the criminal action even more with the IKEM affair, where they have been playing without gloves for several months, as the actors themselves said.

I already wrote in the fall that the whole goings-on around the institute resembled a cheap gangster story: compromising files, breaking into the phone and threats as if from the fourth price. But I had no idea that a new bottom was being dug with the case of Tomáš Vícha. Until now, the two wings of medical tips only “cut” with each other, blackmailing the patient is a novelty. The White Coats took hostages.

This also puts the Minister of Health, Vlastimil Válek, in an uncomfortable situation, who after the outbreak of the affair assured the public that the internal motives of the hospital’s management do not affect the care of patients. And look, someone takes the trouble to scare the man who wanted to present the wonders of modern medicine on his own and pay tribute to the specialists from IKEM.

At the same time, it is necessary to admit that the whole story defies common sense. Who would risk that much? And why? To prevent one complimentary sentence that would at best appear in a few articles and reports? Moreover, in a situation where the police have already handed out three charges of extortion and continue to invite interested parties for questioning. Therefore, none of them can be sure that they are not still being watched and eavesdropped.

Either the mastermind of this extraordinary extortion operation is conducting something purely personal, when he ignores all risks and warnings, or we are missing something.

But whoever ordered the threats, Vích’s story confirms that the events of last summer triggered something monstrously sick at the institute. And even the usually well-informed observer has to fear what will come to light next from the dark corners of an otherwise top-notch medical facility.

What we also found out

Unprofitable and dangerous. In the past week, the Seznam Zpráv investigative section was still busy with the case of Podnikatelská družstevní zálázna, in which Prime Minister Petr Fiala deposited almost a million crowns years ago and neglected to mention it in his asset declarations. Jiří Pšenička prepared a plastic profile of the camp, which, according to the annual reports, was anything but a profitable enterprise. Janek Kroupa, on the other hand, described a story that, with its props, is more reminiscent of a story from the underworld.

Drones with a conflict of interest. The army looked for unmanned helicopters from a company to which the first deputy at the Ministry of Defense, František Šulc, was close. Jirka Pšenička unravels the circumstances of this arms purchase.

The whole truth about the Dosimeter. Detectives from the anti-mafia headquarters suspect former Minister of Education and STAN MP Petr Gazdík that he did not tell them everything about his meetings with businessman Michal Redl during interrogation in the Dozimeter case. This is how Radek Nohl’s text begins. And we can already promise to bring more new information from the ending investigation.

Statement from Metrostav. The corruption case of Hetman Martin Půta recorded a remarkable development. As colleague Vojtěch Blažek found out, the construction giant Metrostav entered into a plea agreement with the plaintiff. This may further complicate the defense of Hetman Půta, who still insists that he did nothing illegal.

Witness Against Gambling. And speaking of unexpected twists, one also recorded a large-scale case of machinations with lottery levies. Detectives incriminated their key witness in it. The man who helps them convict the main accused, Pavel Burána, the founder of the Auto Games lottery company.

Draft at Mlsna. The head of the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition, Petr Mlsna, dismissed the independent experts who were supposed to change the office’s reputation as a corrupt institution. You can find more details about the personnel draft in the text by Lukáš Valášek and Adély Jelínková.

Advice for any money. After some time, we returned to the topic of dishonest financial advisors. The chain of companies fell, through which hundreds of millions of Czechs’ savings disappeared in Russian propaganda, but also in luxury purchases in Pařížská street. We also illustrated the topic with the story of a man who burned himself repeatedly. Four times, financial advisors advised him where to invest millions. The police came there four times.

Unfortunate meeting. The news we brought at the beginning of last week had an unplanned postscript. On the day we published the details of the secret audit at the pharmaceutical institute, its new management met for a drink with the former director. Unfortunately for them, someone took a picture of the meeting and sent the picture to the editor. The Ministry of Health described the meeting as “unfortunate”.

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