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Sunny Square in Prague and its important symbols of the present. This square in Prague 5, near the Hůrka metro station, is very important, because lately the Sun has been showing very frequent anomalies and the summer is getting hotter and hotter. In addition, the Sun Square is covered with tiles, from which enormous heat radiates on sunny summer days.

Sunny Square in Prague and its important symbols of the present.

| Photo: Pavel Hlušička

The two elliptical-shaped buildings symbolize the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun. This is the church of St. Prokop, which is right next to Sun Square, and the office building of the Prague 13 district, which is located right on Sun Square.

Another important symbol of this place is the Suchý vršek fountain near the Sun Square. The fountain is part of the gazebo, on the columns of which are placed ceramic paintings by Marta Taberyová with motifs of The Little Prince by the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The book The Little Prince is very successful thanks to the number 27. It has 27 chapters and was published on April 6, 1943 (a total of 27).

Now we come to the number 27, which is a symbol of power. Let’s remember the important days and events that bear the symbol of the number 27.

Volunteer firefighters from Lovosice organized a large collection of toys for children

We already see the number 27 in the part of the Bible known as the New Testament, which consists of 27 books, from Matthew to Revelation. This shows us the positive power of this number. However, over time, the number 27 appears in connection with wars or in the struggle for the dominant position of great powers in the world. In 1621, 27 Czech lords were executed. On 12/24/1818 (sum 27), the Christmas carol Silent Night was first played publicly, which in 1914 at least temporarily interrupted the First World War and which, thanks to the number 27, is the most famous Christmas carol.

The Great October Socialist Revolution took place on 7 November 1917 (total 27). On 20/07/1944 (total 27), Adolf Hitler was assassinated in a big way, known as the Valkyrie. At the end of the Second World War, 5/12/1945 (a total of 27), 27 men in six planes disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

When we add all the numbers of the dates of February 2022, we get the number 378, which is 14×27. It was February 2022 that was very significant for the world, and that in a negative sense. On 24/02/2022 (total 14) the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl was occupied. On March 4, 2022 (total 13), the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye was occupied. Both occupation dates add up to 27.

The Devil Fruit book kicks off Tom Hillenbrand’s crime fiction series, reading to be enjoyed

One religious society organized 27 committees for humanitarian aid to its members in Ukraine in 2022. In 2022, three important figures in world politics died, whose dates of death add up to the number 54, i.e. 2×27. Madeleine Albright 23/03/2022 (total 14), Mikhail Gorbachev 30/8/2022 (total 17) and Queen Elizabeth II. 8/9/2022 (total 23).

The EU has 27 member states. The presidency of the Czech Republic in the Council of the EU lasted from 1/7/2022 to 31/12/2022 and the border dates of this period add up to 27. The Security Conference in Munich was held on 17/02/2023, 18/02/2023 and 19/02/2023 (total 54, 2×27). Russia convened a meeting of the UN Security Council for 31/12/2023 and 22/1/2024 (total 27). In the first case, the council is already meeting on 12/30/2023 at 23:00 Moscow time, but it is commonly stated that the meeting took place on New Year’s Eve.

Presidential elections in Russia in 2024: 15/03/2024, 16/03/2024 and 17/03/2024 (sum of 54 = 2×27). On Green Thursday, March 28, 2024, 432 (16×27) years will pass since the birth of the teacher of the nations, Jan Amos Comenius, whose work has been remembered a lot lately. The World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing to approve a new international treaty to prevent and combat future pandemics at its annual meeting in 2024. Interestingly, the current WHO President was born on 03/03/1965 (sum 27).

The management of the Regional Health Service praised the loyal employees of the Litoměřice Hospital

The management of Regional Health appreciates the loyal employees of the Litoměřice Hospital

The year 2025 will be in the name of the number 27, because its border dates add up to this very number. 1/1/2025 and 31/12/2025 (total 27). There will be elections to the Chamber of Deputies in the fall of 2025. As the number 27 is a symbol of power, we get only one date with this number in the sum, namely Friday 3 October 2025 and Saturday 4 October 2025 (sum 27). However, this is not a prediction of the election date, but rather a conscious work with the number 27.

Finally, one interesting thing. The former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan (9 letters) is the ninth largest country in the world, and on 1/2/2022 (total 9) riots broke out there after a sudden spike in gas prices. The three above-mentioned Kazakh nines add up to the number 27. Kazakhstan has more than 2.7 million square kilometers, which is one-tenth of twenty-seven. It is thanks to the combination of all these numbers that Kazakhstan had the world’s most dynamic economy after China and Qatar at the beginning of the 21st century.

Kazakhstan was the first former Soviet republic to repay all its debt to the International Monetary Fund. Kazakhstan is also home to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin flew into space at the age of 27. His time in space is estimated to be 108 minutes, which is 4×27.

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