It is no longer hidden who is the master at the Castle. Vyoral leaned against the Wheel


Vít Rakušan again traveled the regions for us. But this time he handled his emotions a little differently when he revealed that a buyout of CEZ’s minority shareholders was planned. And when everyone caught on, he retracted after a few hours, saying that it was “in the heat of the debate”. What do you think, did the Austrian lie before or after?


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Only the weanling of the American coercion Aspen Institute himself knows that. However, judging by the logic of the matter and the in principle undeniable collaboration – not only – of the current government potentates with the globalist power to the detriment of the Czech Republic, the Austrian lied this time unexpectedly rather later than before. The fighters who get into governing positions only because they are either semi-demented, venal, blackmailable, or any combination of the three qualities mentioned above, simply continue to hand the rest of us into other hands. Apart from other destructive and subversive agendas, of course.

High school admissions systems fail us. If I remember correctly, this is the case with literally every information system running here. What do you think is behind it? Inability?

Incompetence, dilettantism, incompetence. Choose. The current liberal left-wing European comrades want to trap us all in an online environment where it is and will be trivially easy to control absolutely, absolutely every aspect of our lives. And in case of any revolt, disobedience, lack of awareness, shut us down in an instant. Remember the recent fascist play on covid. Curfews, bans on crossing district lines, distance learning, online medical diagnoses, card payment pressures. All this is not a coincidence, but the gradual fulfillment of a set plan. Recently, the end of paper highway signs, from this year, the end of paper large technicians. Now admissions systems. Do you think those above are doing all this for our good? Just for more convenience and simplifying our lives? But go.

We had another exchange at the Castle. Chancellor Vohralíková did not even warm up and was replaced by the head of the Aspen Institute, Milan Vašina. People are already joking that the real president is Petr Kolář and Petr Pavel is just acting as his spokesman. Shouldn’t Petr Kolář slow down a bit? After all, it undermines the “confidence in democracy” that is so important to him.

The castle’s gray eminence in the form of prominent figure and lobbyist Petr Kolář practically no longer conceals who is the master at the Castle and who is just a reading device for prefabricated speeches or an authorized hand for signing documents whose agreements were made without regard for her. After all, this was obvious from the beginning of the public friendship between Peter the lobbyist and Peter the dresser. Kolář just replaced one toy in the form of the scarecrow of Drahoš’s rabbit warren with another in the form of the ever-aware pro-regime hundred and seven. Note the approach of the media-political mainstream and think how the same half-literates and the same half-literates reacted in the case of Miloš Zeman and Vratislav Minář, for example, and how suspiciously inactive they are now that their NATO commo and their pro-American lobbyist are sitting in the Castle ex-prominent from the public anti-Czech Czech Television.

The government wants to build four units of the Dukovany nuclear power plant instead of one. Isn’t it too much of a bite if we haven’t been able to pick a company for even one block yet?

I have a bit of an impression that the government, whose agenda includes the sanctification of everything that the Politburo sends from the EU to the Soyuz – i.e. the so-called Green Deal – has recently been significantly deceiving the public in some of its words. Perhaps due to the obvious decline in voter preferences. Or for the reason of covering up some cases inconvenient for her? However, let’s not forget that we will know them not by words, but by actions. And there is still a long way from words, be they pleasant or hateful, to actions. And as we know, it very often remains just words. Need to add – empty ones. So for now, I perceive their raised topic as completely pointless.

By 2040, the European Commission wants the EU to be smoke-free. What do you think, tobacco or the European Union will last longer?

The Politburo there commands the wind and the rain and milked the goats – twice… Commands, prohibitions, regulations, blackmail, threats, propaganda… Given that tobacco was there even before the EU, which, unlike it, is an artificial concept sustained by violence and blackmail, I think it’s obvious. But tobacco, like for example alcohol, is a relatively powerful topic and a powerful double-edged sword that elites should handle with caution. So that it doesn’t slip out of their joints.

There will definitely be F-35 fighters. By 2031 and they will run until 2035. Do you think the Russians will graciously wait until we have new fighters?

I think that it is obvious to all people who have a head not only to keep their tonsils from raining, that this purchase is primarily a lackey’s financial libel to our “big brothers”, who are spreading the only true democracy around the world through humanitarian bombing, and that a few fighter jets that will be operational in ten years have roughly the same significance for our defense as the protégé Halík has for Christian values.

Petr Macinka and Robert Šlachta officially teamed up for the European elections. What do you think of such cooperation?

I know Petr, I respect him and his attitudes and I support him. I have already commented on Robert Šlacht several times, and although I agree with a number of his positions, I am reserved towards him. It is unreadable to me who is behind him. Because we probably all know very well that without someone’s support in the back, no one would make a cut in top politics. I also have a lot of reservations about his then involvement in the overthrow of the government of Petr Nečas. But Petr certainly has a good reason for connecting with Robert Šlachta and knows what he is doing. So heaven be merciful to him. Honestly.

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author: Karel Šebesta

The article is in Czech

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