Leak of an unknown substance in the center of Pilsen



The rescuers took care of two women on the spot

Today after eleven o’clock in the morning, all emergency services went to the Enjoy cafe on Klatovská and Tylovy streets in Pilsen to the reported alleged leakage of an unknown substance that caused health problems to several people.

Police officers secured the area, while firefighters with detectors set out to check the concentrations of harmful substances. In the meantime, the rescuers took care of two women, according to information from the cafe employee.

Rescuers from the scene they transported two women born in 2000, both with nausea and feelings of fainting, to the Acute Admission of the Lochotín University Hospital said the press spokeswoman for the rescuers.

It is not yet clear what is behind the condition of both women. “After the arrival of our unit from HS Plzeň Střed, no values ​​of gaseous substances were measured by the detectors. We also checked the adjacent buildings, in which no concentration of gases was also measured,” the press spokesman of the fire department told us.



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