The Pilsen Scouts will build an educational center and an international base

The Pilsen Scouts will build an educational center and an international base
The Pilsen Scouts will build an educational center and an international base

Pilsen Scout Center Střela will build a Scout Training Center and an international base in České údolí on the outskirts of the city near Borské Park for 26 million crowns. The center, where over 300 children go through various sections every week, will receive 12 million crowns from the Ministry of Education for the project. The Pilsen region also requested a subsidy of five million, the same amount was approved by the city representatives today. The construction, on which the scouts saved 3.8 million crowns, is to be completed by September 2025.

“The scouts are planning a new facility on land in České údolí, they also own this land. Now there is only a ground-floor building in an uninhabitable condition, which serves only as a warehouse for camp materials. The building cannot be used for active activities with young people. Nearby are the smaller clubhouses of the individual sections of Středa Střela, where around 300 children meet weekly. But these clubhouses do not have running water or toilets. I am therefore glad that, thanks to our subsidy, the scouts will get a dignified and high-quality background, which they clearly deserve,” said the mayor of the city of Pilsen, Roman Zarzycký.

The new Scout training center will primarily be used by individual sections of the Střela Center, use will also be enabled for all Junáka centers and cooperating non-Scout organizations working with children and youth, such as the family center and the ŽIVO association, the intergenerational and volunteer center TOTEM, Slavia University of Pilsen Softball.

“I am happy that the new building will also become an international scout base. There is now only one single scout base in Pilsen that can offer decent conditions to more numerous international scouting expeditions, but it is still very busy in terms of capacity. Thanks to the nearby D5 highway and the excellent connection with public transport, the new facility will provide Scouts with the opportunity to establish further international cooperation and engage in cross-border activities,” added Lucie Kantorová, Deputy Mayor for Education.

Pilsen will provide the money from the budget of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Municipality of Pilsen. The Střela Center has been working on the preparation of the project since 2012, when it commissioned a project study and project documentation, then secured a valid building permit and took further steps, most recently in November 2023, it carried out a tender for a construction contractor.

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