They didn’t notice, they couldn’t stay on their feet. After the poisoning of pupils, the headmistress appeals for the restriction of HHC


A week ago, an ambulance took three pupils from a primary school in Karlovy Vary to a Karlovy Vary hospital. During the lesson, the children became sick and their condition continued to deteriorate. The school management did not want to underestimate the situation, because no one knew what was actually happening to the children, who were completely out of touch with reality and unable to communicate. The police were therefore called to the scene. The culprit turned out to be the over-the-counter substance HHC.

Another student in Vary became intoxicated with HHC. An adult woman ended up unconscious

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“Subsequently, we learned that three of our pupils ingested the substance HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol). The sight of them was terrible. I was very afraid for them and, of course, for the other children, because nobody knew what was happening at that moment,” says the school principal, whose identity, like the name of the school, will not be published by the Deník editors.

Even though a week has passed since the incident, the principal of the school in question is definitely not laughing. The last few days have been very exhausting. Before the meeting with the editors, she had just finished interviewing the police who are handling the case. But there is one catch, because the sale of HHC is legal in the Czech Republic, so there is nothing to save in this case. Therefore, the situation is for educators who have bad experiences with this dangerous substancevery depressing.

Six children recently ended up in the hospital after overdosing on HHC gummy bears. A list of controlled substances can help:

Teddy bears with HHC? Manufacturers are always one step ahead of us. We have to act, says the deputy

“I would therefore like to appeal to our legislators to urgently discuss legislation that would prevent the free sale of HHC. I understand that it will take some time. Therefore, I would like to ask them, what we need now is a measure so that people under the age of eighteen cannot buy these products. So that HHC, which harms children, does not have the form of candy and is not offered in attractive packaging. I think that something could finally be done in this regard. Without you legislators, we can’t do it, we really need your help urgently,” pleads the director of the Karlovy Vary school.

It’s about business, says the director

At the same time, she herself does not understand how these products can be labeled as a collector’s item or candy “It’s just hypocrisy, we all know that’s one big lie and that it’s all about business first,” she notes.

What actually happened at school last week? First, one student felt nauseous, then another. “I was called to class, their condition was getting worse. We called an ambulance, parents. I asked them questions, but they were not able to answer at all. A third student dropped out an hour later. We already called the police, who also arrived with the dog handler. We were afraid that more children would be added. I can still see in my mind’s eye the state the three students were in. Everyone reacted differently. They didn’t notice, they couldn’t even stay on their feet, they were very sleepy, some even vomited. As they say, those who can’t see won’t believe,” continues the shocked headmistress of the school.

Gummy bears with dangerous HHC are a new hit among children:

Kratom, energy and now teddy bears with HHC. Children have no idea what they are risking by eating candy

She points out that even experts have no idea what HHC can run in the future. It is not only about the immediate consequences, but it is not excluded that the synthetic substance HHC can also cause permanent psychological problems.

“Today’s times are not good, we adults are under enormous pressure, which is exacerbated by the financial crisis. Parents work a lot, trying to earn so that their children can have what their friends have. There is not much time left for children who themselves are under a lot of pressure – covid, war. At the same time, they need our attention and love, and if they don’t have it, they are subject to new and new traps of this accelerated time. In addition, the Internet is full of attractions that offer us relaxation,” states the cantor.

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The range of harmful substances is growing

The offer of addictive and substances harmful to health is still expanding. While during totalitarianism only alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana were among the less dangerous, today not even many adults know what the market actually offers.

“If we made a list of substances that pupils must not ingest, we could expand it in a week. The range of products is constantly growing. And if a student chews a nicotine bag, I don’t even know if it’s him or chewing gum. And did you know, for example, that one dose of this bag labeled strong is equivalent to three cigarettes? And the child, who has no experience with cigarettes, will put them in his mouth all of a sudden,” the director points out.

Eight children from Karlovy Vary already had to be hospitalized in January due to HHC intoxication:

Preparations with HHC offered in vending machines in Karlovy Vary.

Another student in Vary became intoxicated with HHC. An adult woman ended up unconscious

Before the incident, she had already invited the regional anti-drug coordinator to the school to educate all teachers about what drugs and dangerous substances the market actually offers today. “I would recommend parents to be interested in this as well. The range of products is growing in a geometric series, and that is very dangerous,” concludes the teacher.

The children liked them, but they are unsuitable for them

HHC – will probably be regulated in the future so that it does not legally fall into the hands of children
Kratom – in the future it will probably be on the list of regulated substances that should not be placed in the hands of children
Prime – in the future, energy drinks will probably be regulated so that children cannot get them legally
Nicotine sachets – since last July, they can only be sold to people aged 18 and over

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