Roma in Hradec promise peace after the murder of a boy, the city is strengthening measures

Roma in Hradec promise peace after the murder of a boy, the city is strengthening measures
Roma in Hradec promise peace after the murder of a boy, the city is strengthening measures

According to the police, 14-year-old Filip was stabbed by a 20-year-old drug addict on Thursday, January 4, in Hradec Krád. On Monday, January 15, he drove his car to Bakov Square and mentally drove into a man whom he had previously attacked with a violent attack. Both aggressors await trial in custody.

The town was particularly moved by the murder of a Roma boy, because of cigarettes. On the day after his death, hundreds of people went to the funeral. In addition to the main security in the city was mentioned. Mayor Pavlna Springerov (HDK) also drank, she said to the grieving crowd that we must work together to make Hradec safe again, to make it a safe city like we used to.

A little time has passed since the event, and the town hall is at a real conclusion. The risk spots, between the five and the year around the railway tunnel, have been discussed for a long time. The city has ensured that such a city not only knows, but also manages the business.

We are not going to take revenge

It’s too late for Filip, but she’s closed on our side. N Filip and his killer were Roma and both knew each other, even though they came from very different backgrounds. I would like to promise that we are not going to take revenge on anyone, even if it hurt a lot, if last week I gave Rom a candle to start. He introduced himself as Vojtch from Irok Filip’s family.

Peace between members of the Roma community should be a good start. With the second spch of the town hall. The concept of crime prevention approved by the city council, which must go through the council, could only be a piece of cake. However, the steps are visible and concrete.

The crime prevention assistant gave the couple a drink instead, and he was shooting camera points. A mobile service for the city police will be available for purchase. The set of sites is also a motivational part of the service apartment, so the city discussed other concerns with Sprá eležníc as the owner of the building, and also happened in another house where there were frequent incidents – in Harmonia na Beneov td.

I can’t forget the dream

The MF DNES reporter mapped the situation and the mood, and not just for the lads. The atmosphere left its mark on the staff of the Pigeon House, the most famous squat in Hradec Králové. It is clear that it is impossible to expel the most distinguished prints and figures characteristic of the interior of large administrative buildings. They are here, but I will sit quietly and try to disguise myself as a passenger for an early connection, or try outside.

The policemen and security guards are much nicer here, so no one dares to cause problems. Things calmed down a bit here, but the first days after the war were tough. We were afraid of some fights between the Roma, but nothing happened, stated homeless Igor, who comes from Pbrami, in front of the ashtray at the entrance, but this year he goes around the Hradec Knoll.

I really feel safe here, not before the event. A few days later, it was as if everyone was watching everyone. The murder has been forgotten, but there is peace here, she praised the seller in a quick exaggeration.

One of the residents of the pigeon house whistled for the unrest, where the tension had already thickened on January 4, and 14-year-old Filip died only a few hundred meters from the squat’s boarded-up windows.

It was worse when someone sneaked up on us, and we had to fight for our lives. There is a lot of unrest here, he said in a fifty-year-old two-story German classicist building built before the Second World War. The last inhabitant of the squat is the homeless Martin. The witness to the murder revealed that he had a meat cleaver hidden under the roof for all accidents.

Parks, centers and hostels are at risk

Ndra, the Pigeon House, the places in front of the Atrium and Aupark centers, Sukovy Sady, the Harmonie House and the cell of Beneova Tda. If the city conducted a survey where Hradet is not 100% safe, it would probably be these cities that would be the first to be talked about.

Other risky locations are streets with hostels. In one of them – the Filharmonie dormitory in Malovice – the police also searched for a twenty-year-old man with the nickname Orion, accused of stabbing Filip. The illegal hostel in Svobodnice Dvory even started a petition, which was based on the fact that it did not print signatures.

The risk of revenge is thus advised to adopt the concept of crime prevention. It is not only a restrictive program, but the main preventive one. It also includes non-profit organizations engaged in street working, as well as crime prevention assistants. We will have a new pair of assistants. We hired them from the Roma community, we communicate more with the path to the development of the distance, and thus also to the dream of crime. Of course, this is a long-term job, admitted Pavel Vrbick (Pirti), Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs.

Mobile service will be added

The new camera points are also in Sukovy Sady, on Svoboda Square, look for V Lipkch Street, further down V Kopek and Rokitanskho Streets and on Masarykov and Ulrich Square or in front of the winter stadium. The city wants to revive several sites, their recruitment is motivated by a service apartment.

The council approved pensions for late mobile service for the city police. It will be in problem locations first, then as prevention. Thanks to the camera system, it will become a mobile camera point, thus ensuring effective documentation of violations and their easier detection, said Pavlna Springerov.

In Harmony u is lpe

Homeless people flourishing in the basement, a huge mess, including quarrels or fights in the neighboring park. It soon took place inside and around the Harmonie house on Beneov td. At a minimum, it should be significantly better.

We have demarcated the space around the pergola, which will belong exclusively to the clients of the house, and we are finalizing agreements with the housekeeper’s floors. One selected client will always be in charge of two floors, so we will have seven officers. We have been buying cameras in and around intakes, where there were the most problems. We also put a lot of pressure on the security guard they send there, we have intensified their work, because in the past it happened that homeless people thrived in the basements. It’s not going well for her now, because going to check-ups all night is random and irregular, explained Vrbick, the abbot of Harmonia.

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