Olomouc won in Vary and defeated Energia for the fourth time in the season

Olomouc won in Vary and defeated Energia for the fourth time in the season
Olomouc won in Vary and defeated Energia for the fourth time in the season

Karlovy Vary – The ice hockey players of Olomouc won the 42nd round of the extra league on the ice of Karlovy Vary 3:1 and defeated West Bohemia for the fourth time in the season. Although the home team led 1:0, Hanáci turned the tide, Silvestre Kusko scored the winning goal in the 25th minute. The Moravians secured ninth place, eight points ahead of today’s opponent.

The guests entered the match better, but their superiority did not result in a goal, as the Hanáci did not reach the end. Ondruška’s deflected shot, caught comfortably by Habal, was proof of that.

The more efficient home team took the lead. Procházek found Rachůnek with a cross pass, who knocked the puck into the net from close range. In the 12th minute, Jiskra could have increased the lead, but he only hit the top post of Konrád’s goal.

Olomouc increased its offensive activity, Nahodil’s chance was eliminated by Habal, he did not react until Škůrka’s cannonball from the blue, which meant equalization.

At the beginning of the second period, Beránek had a chance to change the score, but Konrád handled his backhand shot. The more active Hanács got to speak again and were rewarded with a leading goal. Orsava found a free Kusko in front of the goal, who had no problem sending the puck into Habal’s net. In the 35th minute, the guests could score again, in the short numerical advantage of two players on the ice, Habal was saved by the goal structure.

Olomouc entered the third period with an active defense that made it impossible for the West Bohemians to get into the goal area and threaten Konrad. In the 45th minute, Procházko partially succeeded, but the Slovak guardian of the sanctuary was more successful.

The score could have changed in the 51st minute, first Konrád eliminated a shot from Báránek, Macuh was unsuccessful in the subsequent raid on the other side. Olomouc concentrated on defense in the final minutes, surviving both a two-minute weakening and the opponent’s power play, during which Navrátil hit the abandoned home goal. Olomouc thus defeated Energia for the sixth time in a row.

Coaches’ votes after the game:

David Bruk (Karlovy Vary): “It was a bad game for us, it was the third time we were unproductive. In the last three games we scored only three goals. We can’t take any points with that. The first period was even, the second was clearly on the visitors’ side, the third I think we were getting opponents under pressure, but at the moment our finishing is pathetic and we had big problems. Olomouc finished the fights well and it was difficult for us to get in front of the goal, even when the situations were there. hockey sticks and the psyche and self-confidence of the players is elsewhere than we need.”

Jan Tomajko (Olomouc): “We are satisfied with the three points. We started well, after the long journey the first five minutes were excellent. Then we made one mistake and Karlovy Vary punished us because they are excellent and dangerous in those counterattacks, so unfortunately we were losing 0:1. But I have to say that after that the game evened out and we had an excellent second period. We took the lead 2:1. In the third period we tried to defend it and Braňo Konrád kept us up because Vary created a few chances, I have to say that at 2:1 we should play it a little more calmly.”

HC Energie Karlovy Vary – HC Olomouc 1:3 (1:1, 0:1, 0:1)

Goals and assists: 7. Rachůnek (O. Procházka, Gríger) – 18. Škůrek (Navrátil, Macuh), 26. Kusko (Orsava, J. Knotek), 59. Navrátil. Referee: A. Jeřábek, Sýkora – Ondráček, Gerát. Exclusion: 3:3. No use. Viewers: 3537.

Karlovy Vary: Habal – Plutnar, Huttula, Mikyska, Stříteský, McFadden, Bartejs, Havlín – O. Beránek, Černoch, Kangasniemi – O. Procházka, Gríger, Rachůnek – Hladonik, Jiskra, Redlich – Kružík, Koffer, Čihař. Coach: Bruk.

Olomouc: Konrád – Škůrek, Ondrušek, A. Rutar, Sirota, T. Černý, Švrček, Řezníček – Navrátil, Macuh, Kunc – Bambula, Nahodil, Klimek – Orsava, J. Knotek, Kusko – P. Musil, Anděl, Menšík. Coach: Tomajko.

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