Official output from the meeting with the fans on 31.1.2024

Official output from the meeting with the fans on 31.1.2024
Official output from the meeting with the fans on 31.1.2024

Dear fans of HC ŠKODA Plzeň, at a recent meeting with you on 31.1. we had the opportunity to share some important information regarding our club. We would like to bring you closer to the main events and decisions that were discussed at the meeting.

Let’s start with the departure of Michal Houdek. This step was not planned, but a reaction to an offer from Pardubice. With the need for a right-back in our team, we decided to accept this offer, which included the player Martin Buček. Michal only had a contract until the end of the season, so we decided to accept the exchange after the match in Pardubice, which gave us only a short time to communicate with the fans.

Another important point was the departure of Dominik Pavlát. Although it was not our plan to sell Dominik, the offer that came to him made him decide to leave. We have decided to use this situation to obtain financial resources that we can invest in the player squad.

Kryštof Hrabík was released to Sparta for financial compensation. He only had a contract until the end of the season. Although he was offered to other teams, there was no counter offer that suited us.

During the transfer window, we showed interest in other players, but unfortunately we were unable to complete the deals for various reasons. One of the offers was unacceptable to us, so we decided to give the opportunity to players from the existing squad. Our financial situation and plans for the future are key elements of our strategy. The budget for this season was higher than in previous years and we are planning further increases for the coming seasons. We are also pleased with the interest of new partners in cooperation with our club.We have four difference players signed for the upcoming season, whose names remain a secret. Tim Söderlund is in talks to extend his contract, but the decision on his future will also depend on his personal circumstances.

In conclusion, we would like to clear up some misinformation that has appeared in the media. The information about the transfer of Petr Zámorský to Sparta is not true, Petr has a contract for next season as well.

However, despite these changes and the challenges we face, we would like to emphasize that the club is definitely not giving up on the result this season. We are still planning and believe we have the potential to achieve success on the ice. Our ambitions remain the same: we want to try to progress from the preliminary play-offs to the quarter-finals and show our fans that we are a strong and competitive team.

Thank you for your support and we believe that together we will achieve common successes.

Club HC ŠKODA Plzeň

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