HZS Olomouc region – The extension of the Olomouc station was ceremonially opened. Municipalities took over firefighting equipment

HZS Olomouc region – The extension of the Olomouc station was ceremonially opened. Municipalities took over firefighting equipment
HZS Olomouc region – The extension of the Olomouc station was ceremonially opened. Municipalities took over firefighting equipment

Firefighters at the Olomouc station got modern facilities for chemical, technical and communication services thanks to the new building, which became part of the fire department within 14 months. The ribbon was cut in front of the building on Friday, February 2, and the extension was officially opened. The event was attended by the Director General of the HZS of the Czech Republic, Lieutenant General Vladimír Vlček, the Director of the HZS of the Olomouc Region, Brigadier General Karel Kolářík, the Governor of the Olomouc Region, Josef Suchánek, and representatives of the joint-stock company První KEY-STAV, which was in charge of the construction.

Members of the chemical, technical and communications service, who take care of, among other things, means of communication, special equipment, detection technology and breathing apparatus for professional and volunteer firefighters, can use larger workshops and modern facilities corresponding to the current requirements for the performance of the service. The space includes a so-called wet and dry chemical service workshop as well as modern technology for filling pressure cylinders of breathing apparatus with a new powerful compressor from the Dräger company.

The building also offers facilities for firefighters with specializations: divers, climbers and marksmen, who can also use larger storage spaces here. There is also a dishwasher for off-road equipment, garages for special equipment and other storage areas.


Construction began in October 2022. The total cost is 45.2 million crowns, most of which was financed from the state budget, 7 million was contributed by the Olomouc Region.

The event also included a ceremonial presentation of a gift from the Olomouc Region. The Fire Rescue Department of the Olomouc Region took over three sets of Holmatro hydraulic rescue devices in battery version. The region contributed 2 million crowns to their purchase. The total cost of acquiring three sets was 3.18 million crowns. Hydraulic rescue tools are used for rescuing people in complex traffic accidents.


Ten cities and towns were given tank car sprayers and command cars. This increased the effectiveness and usability of fire protection units in the region. Eight municipalities have taken over hydraulic recovery devices, thereby expanding the number of units that will be able to intervene in traffic accidents and thus increase the level of safety and health protection.

Mayors of municipalities and unit commanders of volunteer fire brigades took over the equipment that had been used by professional firemen until now.


  • Lukas hydraulic rescue equipment:

Jindřichov village
City of Kojetín
Libina village
The village of Opatovice
The village of Osek nad Bečvou
Statutory city of Prostějov
The statutory city of Přerov
The village of Štíty

The village of Štíty Mitsubishi L200
The city of Tovačov Mitsubishi L200
Town Square Náměšť na Hané Toyota RAV4

  • Tank car sprayers:

Bratrušov village CAS 32 TATRA
The village of Protivanov CAS 32 TATRA
Jindřichov village CAS 20 TATRA
The village of Osek nad Bečvou CAS 20 TATRA
Rozstání village CAS 20 TATRA
Oskava village CAS 15 MAN
Rohle village CAS 15 MAN

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