A tattooed woman was driving a car in Olomouc, her passenger was trying to hide drugs


According to her, on Wednesday shortly before noon, a police patrol from the emergency and escort department stopped a Škoda Octavia passenger car on Na Vozovce Street in Olomouc. In addition to the female driver, there were also two men in it.

“After checking the documents, the woman was asked to take a breath test for alcohol, which she complied with a negative result. She also underwent an orientation test for addictive substances, which this time came out positive, specifically for amphetamines and methamphetamines,” the spokeswoman stated.

The driver stated that she took meth three days ago. She responded negatively to another challenge and refused to undergo a medical examination connected with the collection of biological material.

I will not stop, said the fet driver to the police patrol in Hradec Králové and stepped on the gas

“During the check, the officers noticed that the passenger sitting in the front seat was not behaving naturally, he bent down and started to manipulate something under his feet. Due to the circumstances, the patrol proceeded to search the car and found a tube with plastic bags containing a white crystalline substance under the seat,” said Zajícová.

A substance from one bag found was tested at the scene and found to contain methamphetamine. There were 3.2 grams of it in the three bags found.

A gas revolver and pepper spray were also found in the vehicle. The driver and the passenger sitting in the front seat were taken to the police station, where the necessary measures were taken.

The young woman’s driver’s license was suspended and both were released after the case was documented. “Criminal officers have initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of criminal possession of a narcotic and psychotropic substance and poison with a two-year prison sentence,” the police spokeswoman added.

The police found a distributor of meth in Olomouc. He provided addicts with hundreds of grams

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