Alexander Zmejevsky: The Russian ambassador remains in Prague


In less than a month, it will be 8 years since Zmejevsky handed over to the then president Miloš Zeman (79) credentials and took charge of the Russian embassy in Prague. His mission was supposed to end at the end of last month. “The State Department was debating whether to extend his visa, which the Russians had requested. As far as I know, Zmejevsky wants to stay here.” a source familiar with the events surrounding the embassy told Bleska. And the resort of Jan Lipavský (38, Pirates) evidently listened to Moscow’s wishes.

Moscow will decide

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that it leaves similar cases of diplomacy without comment. “We never comment on visas for ambassadors,” Daniel Drake told Blesk. Another source from the diplomatic environment revealed what kind of agreement was reached between the two countries. “His (Zmejevsky’s) credentials are valid until he is withdrawn or replaced by the Russians. The same situation applies the other way around, with the only difference being that (Czech Ambassador Vítězslav) Pivoňka is not in Moscow.” confirmed Lightning.

Deputy Jiří Čistecký has been in charge of the Czech Embassy in the Russian Federation for a long time instead of Ambassador Pivoňka, and top Czech politicians are still debating whether to maintain this status quo or send a new ambassador to Russia, which was sanctioned for attacking Ukraine almost two years ago. However, he would have to President Vladimir Putin (71) hand over credentials in person, which would be extremely tricky from a diplomatic point of view. Indeed, the Kremlin could play with any Prague nominee for this post like cat and mouse.

And Zmejevsky? He can congratulate himself on extending his stay in a safe and democratic country – after all, even his possible expulsion was not on the agenda. Lipavský’s chief diplomat is of the opinion that it is necessary to maintain at least a minimum communication channel with Moscow.

Disgusting diplomatic game: The Russian ambassador remains in Prague!

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