Pilsen TechTower is celebrating a year since its opening. 30 companies found a place in it

Pilsen TechTower is celebrating a year since its opening. 30 companies found a place in it
Pilsen TechTower is celebrating a year since its opening. 30 companies found a place in it

The Pilsen technology center TechTower, opened exactly one year ago, is almost occupied by innovators, programmers, start-up entrepreneurs and established companies. There are 30 companies from the fields of technology, virtual reality, 5G networks, artificial intelligence and design. Office occupancy is 85 percent.

The TechTower technology park was opened by the city of Pilsen on February 1, 2023. The extensive reconstruction of the former brewery required approximately 780 million crowns including VAT. The project was financed by the city of Pilsen, the contribution from European Union funds amounted to 181 million crowns (from OP PIK through the ITI instrument of the Pilsen metropolitan area).

“TechTower makes the city of Pilsen visible on the innovative map of Europe. Entrepreneurs and companies, the media, high schools and universities, as well as delegations from different countries are interested in it. The final placement in the TOP 5 of the prestigious European competition Regiostars 2023 or the award in the Pilsen Region Construction of the Year competition also helped,” said Daniel Kůs, Pilsen city councilor for the area of ​​Smart Cities and business support. He added that the campus is lively throughout the year: “I’ve been here at a number of large events and festivals, I’ve seen the full campus, but also more intimate workshops that extend into education. Hackathons or an esports tournament, which is increasingly popular in the world, have been held here. TechTower keeps up with modern trends and I wish and will support it to continue to do well in the years to come.”

The premises with a total area of ​​ten thousand square meters offer a multifunctional hall, a number of meeting rooms and offices, a virtual reality laboratory, a unique ten-meter deep water tank, Cowork or shared office spaces, a fully equipped workshop and catering facilities.

“There are currently almost 30 innovative companies in TechTower, the office occupancy is 85%. We are in the same situation with the premises in the so-called villa, i.e. the building in front of the TechTower itself (occupancy 86%). As for the meeting rooms, hall and other spaces, we are at the number of 220 rentals in the 11 months of TechTower’s operation. Interesting numbers also show the various forms of membership in Cowork, we register 444 orders there,” calculated Luděk Šantora, director of the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen (SITMP), which takes care of the operation of the area.

With the opening of the technology park, the city gained a space thanks to which it can fully implement the Pilsen innovation ecosystem PINE. “TechTower is such a roof over the entire ecosystem. It is a place where the future of students, young promising innovators and already functioning startups and companies is born. New business opportunities and relationships are created here. Companies will grow in this background, which will give our children well-paid work and return the invested funds to the city,” explained Luděk Šantora.

A favorable business environment and ties are often formed at events where the Pilsen community meets. “This year, at the beginning of June, we are once again expecting a big Inovujeme Pilsen festival. It will be preceded by the Technica Futura conference. We expect hackathons, an esports tournament, a series of workshops and other regular events. The public has also found TechTower, as evidenced by the regularly occupied open days. We already have the listed dates for this year as well, to which we have added special birthday tours. They will be every Tuesday and Thursday in February, people can look around the entire area for free, they will walk through all the floors of the technology park. All you have to do is register in advance on the TechTower or SIT Port websites,” invited Tomáš Cholinský, director of SIT Port, SITMP section.

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