Premiere of the musical Troja: Janda’s bored daughters, Gavriely on the stairs


It is not customary for six composers to participate in one musical. “I was also approached, but in the end we did not agree with the producer. I’m not allowed to rate it, but I say great anyway. The second half was really pumped up and stomping. However, my older daughter Anežka was bored, she is not much into music. She was also bored at the performance of Kytice, so it is not a repertoire. We call her a nerd at home, she’s really bad at learning, the younger Rózi is crazy about music,Petr Janda said to Bleska after the premiere (81).

Musician and author of several songs by Marcus Tran (36) came to support her life partner Martina Gavriely (44) and their son Lee (5). The boy has traditionally been mistaken for a girl because he has blond hair that reaches halfway down his back. He was also present at the after-party, where he got into the chops. Due to the absence of tables, his mother served him on the stairs.

Hairy rocker Pepa Vojtek: Another role in the musical! Markéta Reinischová, Daniel Kristl

Ondřej Havel showed up with his pregnant girlfriend Bára (29), who plays in the series Ulice and got the role of Parida in the musical, but the premiere was played by Vojtěch Drahokoupil (28).

Actress Kateřina Brožová (55) accepted an invitation from composer Zdeňko Hrubé (52), who composed a third of the songs for the musical. “Zdeňek and I have been friends for many years, and I repaid him for being at my premiere of the play A in Pajamas! I have to say that Troja moved me to tears several times, a really beautiful treatment.” Katka confided to Bleska, who showed off her lush curves in a black dress.

Veronika Žilkova (62) came accompanied by her friend Pepa Holomač and she brought a red rose to her colleague Bořek Slezáček (56). “She thought I was playing today, but I’m only here as a guest.” explained the flower gift Bořek.

Director Jiří Strach sat down in the audience (50) with his wife, singer Sagvan Tofi (59), musician Michal David (63) with his wife, the author of the lyrics to Troja Václav Kopta (58), or the ageless lady Eliška Hašková-Coolidge (82).

Vincent Navrátil spoke about his family for Blesk tv MAGAZÍN.

Katerina Brožová

Katerina Brožová

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