Prague 4: You can send proposals to the participatory budget throughout February


Until the end of February, residents of the fourth city district can send their suggestions on what could be realized in Prague 4 with the allocated funds. Municipal districts submit their proposals for consideration. The culmination of the process is the vote on which initiatives should be implemented with the money from the participatory budget.

Participatory budgeting refers to the regeneration and cultivation of public space and the repair of sidewalks and roads. The goal of the project is to involve the public in deciding on the allocation of financial resources for investment and non-investment events and thus to arouse interest in improving the quality of public space.

In each of the areas, the working group will assess the feasibility of individual initiatives and those that can be implemented will be forwarded to Commission MA 21 for further discussion, in which the proponents and the wider public can participate in the defense of individual initiatives. The discussed proposals for implementation will be included in the vote of the citizens of the Municipal Council of Prague 4 on their order.

After the end of the voting, a table of all initiatives with the total number of votes obtained will be drawn up, and the initiatives will be submitted to the Prague 4 Municipal Council for discussion, up to the maximum total upper financial limit of 3.5 million crowns according to the number of votes obtained.

Participatory budget schedule:
until 29 February at 12 noon – delivery of proposals
until 28 March – evaluation of the feasibility of initiatives with referral to the MA Commission 21
until 18.4. – discussion by the MA Commission on 21
from 4/22 to 5/3 until 12:00 p.m. – voting by citizens of Prague 4 Municipal Council on the order of initiatives to be implemented
until 5/30 – publication of information on the vote of citizens of the Prague 4 Municipal Council on the order of initiatives to be implemented

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