The empty interior, bad wiring, dilapidated grandstand will be repaired by the city

The empty interior, bad wiring, dilapidated grandstand will be repaired by the city
The empty interior, bad wiring, dilapidated grandstand will be repaired by the city

Photo: City of Bojkovice / The dilapidated grandstand is awaiting reconstruction, sanitary facilities, changing rooms, clubhouse, everything is original.

The dilapidated tribune in Bojkovice, which is the home of football players of Slovakian Viktoria, has changed hands. It was acquired free of charge from the sports club by the city, which at the same time took over the artificial grass from the physical education unit. “Shop” is the first step to the reconstruction of sports facilities.

“The tribune needs repair like salt, as well as the sanitary facilities, changing rooms or the clubhouse of the club. Everything is original, i.e. from the 80s of the last century. But investing in someone else’s property is complicated, subsidies from the budget won’t solve much, that’s why we agreed on a free transfer as the only way to save the building,” informed Petr Viceník, mayor of Bojkovic. “If we don’t come to an agreement, the building will continue to deteriorate and, ultimately, reconstruction will only become more expensive,” added the mayor.

The grandstand’s biggest problem is the interior, which is empty. However, the electricity and water distribution systems are also in poor condition, most of the windows are leaky, and the social facilities and football players’ cabins do not correspond to the 21st century. “The iron structure of the grandstand is relatively cool, the biggest investment is the interior spaces and also the roof, which leaks. In the future, we are also counting on installing a photovoltaic power plant, which will reduce energy costs even at the neighboring swimming pool,” Viceník hinted at the plans, noting that the city acquired the adjacent artificial grass from the physical education unit, which is used for training of players of all age categories of Slovak Viktoria. “The existing carpet is at the end of its useful life. Although the field is still used by footballers, the surface is no longer satisfactory and deserves a complete replacement. The guardrails will not be affected by the investment, they are still usable,” revealed the mayor.

The town hall already has a project on the table. Since he is betting on the Design&Build method during the reconstruction, he does not know the exact budget, but only the estimated costs, which attack the border of 20 million crowns. “We have already applied for a subsidy from the National Sports Agency, where we can get up to seventy percent of the costs. If we succeed, the implementation will be relatively quick,” Viceník said.

In any case, the builders get to work in full swing. The club has several teams across the categories, closing the grandstand, including the facilities, is therefore excluded.

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