Bernek: The situation with fans ns mrz. Kad wants to leave everything on ice


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The Energetics did not have a good start against Olomouc, leading 1:0, but the visitors equalized in the first half. Mora turned the situation around in the second half and Karlovart fell 1:3 under pressure in the last half.

Ondeji, u est lost to Olomouc in ad…It’s not a coincidence. Play indoor hockey, which unfortunately we don’t have a recipe for.

The main thing is that he can win fights with the guard thanks to his body proportions, it’s probably not easy to compete with these small tanks…Everyone has a specific game. They have it defensively, they have a strong game. We didn’t deal with it.

You were leading 1:0, but it didn’t happen again, what could have been the turning point?Nevm. We are trying to do our best for points, we have to win something 1:0. We can’t make mistakes at the back and we have to play together.

There were a lot of unsung warm-ups on your part, the last one decided on a goal in the blanks, aren’t you a little crazy?Don’t put us there. It goes without saying, hockey is all about the game, we don’t play tricks on each other. When we save one or two keys, that’s fine.

Do you also notice the situation around the fans?It goes without saying that we feel it and we hate it. Everyone from the cabin wants to leave the maximum on the ice, to win, but it’s not possible. Nm plays well in the dark. We play it simple, from behind, we don’t want to grind out anything complicated. It doesn’t work on soupee around us. Let’s get rid of mistakes and make mistakes.

On the day of the match, hockey was part of the O kapku better hockey event, how do you perceive the project?It’s a good time, it’s always great. In the cabins, we always want to help, to support with some kind of financial support. We’re going towards it.

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