Rape on Prosek: A man took a woman to an unknown place. Is this what it looks like?


In a dark Toyota she was found covered in mud up to the roof on Thursday afternoon. “A woman who was sitting in a car waiting for her son outside the school was forced to get into the passenger seat under the threat of violence. He took her to an unknown location where he raped her. Then he drove the vehicle to Okřínecká Street and left the scene,” police spokesman Jan Daněk described the appalling case. According to CNN Prima News, the man was supposed to threaten the woman pistol.

Detectives searched for the unknown man, reeking of mustiness, long into the night, the dog handler also arrived at the scene, but all efforts have so far been in vain. An ambulance also arrived at the residential area. “A rescue crew was dispatched who examined a roughly thirty-year-old woman. She had no visible injuries and after the examination, she was left on the spot,” said Jana Poštová, the spokeswoman for the rescuers.

The police subsequently took the assaulted woman to the office for a statement. They are investigating the case for suspicion of committing crimes of rape and restriction of personal freedomthe perpetrator could face up to ten years behind bars.

Police officers are investigating an unspecified crime that happened in Okřínecká Street in Prague. A woman was supposed to be tied up in the car. (February 1, 2024) Aktu.cz

Call 158 if you spot…

He’s supposed to be a striker a man in his 40s, slim figure, approx. 180 cm tall with short light hair, but it is also possible that he was bald. “He had tired circles under his eyes and was wearing gray sweatpants and a beige faux sheepskin sweatshirt,” criminal investigators described further details. The raped woman also told them that he spoke Czech.

Helicopter over the cemetery

According to information from Blesku, he left around 10:00 p.m. on Thursday helicopter around the Đáblický cemetery and looked for a man in the vicinity with a description strikingly reminiscent of the perpetrator. But the police did not confirm a direct connection. “We searched for the person on the spot“, its spokesperson Ondřej Moravčík said without further details.

Trial of Jan Cimicky, January 4, 2024.

You know that

Rape does not necessarily involve intercourse. The law states that it is committed by someone who forces another to have intercourse by force or threat of violence or other serious harm, or other sexual intercourse carried out in a comparable manner is intercourse. For example, oral sex, genital touching and the like.

The car in which the woman was supposed to be found. (February 1, 2024)

The car in which the woman was supposed to be found. (February 1, 2024)

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