The frantically paced title battle had no winner. Olomouc Rocky defended his belt after a draw



Author: Miroslav Obluk

Patrik Baláz.PHOTO: Patron Boxing

Title battle, the highlight of the Brno gala The Ring 10. The Olomouc shooter Patrik Baláž defended his kingdom for the first time in the super welterweight division, Milan Ganoška strove for this crown. Both fighters were confident before the fight, with only the title in front of their eyes. On Thursday night they looked into each other’s eyes intensely, on Friday night they gave each other hard blows. They battled for ten long rounds, but in the end they would need overtime. The title duel had no winner. The belt remained with the champion.

Ten laps, no fury in the first one. Calm and balance reigned. Neither fighter wanted to make a mistake, the stakes were too high for that.

After the opening round, Ganošek stepped on the gas, he became more active, the Brno audience pushed him forward. The challenger pushed, but the champion flashed a great move. He then hit a sharp jack, knocking off his opponent’s mouth guard.

Dance creation, grace, style. The title duel in the opening rounds was carried out in exactly this spirit. After the dance, it was time for hard exchanges.

Ganoška did better in those, he started to be more accurate, more relaxed. Balazs seemed to have the handbrake on.

Ganoška pushed, the champion responded. He hit his rival with a sharp shot, the first blood was spilled. She started both carobs. Baláz had a new goal. He knew exactly where to land his punches. Both fighters stiffened, tactics went sideways. At the end of the fifth round, it was full steam ahead.

Balaž tried feints, hit masked blows to the bottom. Ganoška responded with hard punches, the champion smiled. He started having fun. He was dodging his opponent’s shots, getting into a dance rhythm.

However, he did not lose Ganošek either. He hit hard, while conceding a lot. The biggest problem for him was the sharp hooks, after which his protector fell off.

The shootout continued in the final laps. The match continued at a set pace. They didn’t slow down, they kept going. Rocky from Olomouc constantly threatened with a jack, Ganoška responded with pressure.

Nine rounds were not enough, the tenth had to get the word out. The Czech hornbills headed to the center of the ring, shooting hard at each other. The blows were hard, but none were final.

A minute before the end, the battle got a special touch. Ganošek’s protector fell out again, and the dropped point also flew down. Ganoška wanted to end the battle, Baláž provoked with his hands down. The ten-round battle ended in a frantic finish that resulted in a draw. Ten laps wasn’t enough. The belt remained with Balaže. Both fighters agreed on a straight rematch after the fight.


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