Banning cell phones in schools works well, the Dutch praise themselves


Principal Frank Engelen of Niftarlake College in Maarssen said his school’s experience with the ban has been positive. “With some exceptions, but only here and there,” Engelen pointed out.

In the first week the ordinance went into effect, 50 to 70 students had to surrender their cellphones to school staff. They did not follow the ban and used their equipment. “But with the number of about 1,600 students, a few dozen offenses are not so terrible,” the director is clear.

The positive effects of the measure, which came into force at the national level at the beginning of the year, were also noted by students. “They indicate that they come into contact more often with students they do not know,” Engelen concluded.

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For breaking homework

At the Bouwens van der Boijecollege in Panningen, the mobile phone ban came into force already in September. So it was introduced before the Dutch legislators ordered it, said the school’s director Annemarie Lukassen. The restrictions were initially introduced for students entering their first year of high school and were extended to the entire school after students returned from winter break.

“Students had to either leave their phone at home or lock it once school started again after the holidays. And it’s going really well,” Lukassen said. “Since then, we’ve had to confiscate less than 10 phones from nearly 1,400 students. Students are really talking to each other again,” she praised the changes, according to the NL Times website.

According to her, they bring playing cards to the break, and educators have even seen a discman, i.e. a portable CD player.

“Recidivists at this school will be punished for breaking the homework rules,” the director pointed out.

Off during breaks

Niftarlake College has set the new rules in consultation with teachers. They still allow students to use cell phones in recess areas. As soon as they enter the corridors to the classrooms, they must already have their phone in the locker.

If someone uses their mobile phone without permission, the teacher will confiscate it. The student can pick it up at the reception later in the afternoon.

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