They call him Francis. He has experienced a lot as a policeman, now he will enjoy his rest


Police officers from Litoměřice are saying goodbye to their partner, a well-deserved service dog with a number of interventions in dangerous situations and successes in competitions. His name is Anso Sharpend, but they affectionately call him František.

Police dog Anso “František” Sharpend goes to rest.

| Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Anso “František” Sharpend comes from a private kennel in southern Bohemia. He has been preparing for service with the Police of the Czech Republic since he was a puppy, he completed the necessary certification of an outing dog at 21 months after an 8-week course at the Training Center for Dog Handlers and Service Dogs in Býchory.

The burly Belgian shepherd has had a varied career. During the five years he served, he went on countless trips, assisted in the apprehension of several even dangerous criminals and took part in many search operations. “He protected the safety of his handler, but also of the other guards. In the last three years he became a ‘professor’ who was able to evaluate the situation he was in and behaved accordingly. No commands were needed. In short, a reliable dog in all respects,” praised police spokesperson Pavla Kofrová.

PHOTO: The school for police dogs has returned to Prackovice. The only one of its kind here

František also participated in many races. Including regional championships for service dogs of the Ústí Region, where he took 2nd place at the age of two. “Further to the service dog races in Chemnitz, Germany, the Republic Championship in Service Cynology of the Police of the Czech Republic, the International TART Dog Championship 2001, where he took 4th place in trackers and 6th place in all-rounders, the SKS TART Defenders Republic Championship, where he took 6th place,” the spokeswoman calculated .

It is not without interest that he is also the father of several puppies, of which two sons serve in the police force abroad and one in the army.

Ulf, Urriáš, Uri Anna and Uga greetings from Prackovice. Soon they will start serving with the police

“His mistress – a policewoman, is going to another workplace as part of the canine service, so František, who has already served his time, is going to rest, which he will enjoy at home on the couch,” added Pavla Kofrová, and the mistress adds: “František, friend, brother in weapons, I sincerely thank you for everything you’ve done for me – us. I promise you nothing but comfort, and in the summer, hooray for the sea!”

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Source: Diary/Topi Pigula

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