Prague’s districts are raising rents, in some places by up to twenty percent

Prague’s districts are raising rents, in some places by up to twenty percent
Prague’s districts are raising rents, in some places by up to twenty percent

Non-residential premises and apartments have municipal rights of way from the municipality to which they belong. For the whole year, the average rate of inflation was 10.7 percent.

Except for the one in Prague 1, all contracts with an inflation clause apply. Most of the contracts have an indexation of 6.5 percent, and a few have a ceiling of three percent. The rest of the contracts have a consumer price index of around 10.7 percent. The council also approved these contracts, or rents, by only 6.5 percent, spokeswoman Karolna Nejdarov said.

The leadership of Prague 2 has not improved much in recent years due to the covid-19 pandemic and the energy crisis. This year, councilors took into account the ever-increasing prices of materials and construction work and the need to finance repairs and reconstruction of the housing and non-housing stock. Praha 2 does not take full advantage of the rate of inflation, and in residential and non-residential areas, the valorization of it is applied at a rate of more than ten percent, spokeswoman Andrea Zoulov said.

Inflation is also a factor in addition to labor costs

In the case of an apartment, with which Prague 6 has a contract for an indefinite period and there is no inflation clause in the contract, it increased it by at least 20 percent from January 1. For apartments, where a contract is concluded, in which there is an inflation clause, we increase the rate of inflation, i.e. by 10.7 percent. In the case of non-residential units, the city council will discuss the possibility of inflation or another tax, said spokesman Marek Zeman.

Prague 7 will be concerned about inflation. The reason is the increase in the price of labor and materials in construction. The normal valuation will be applied to apartments with an inflation clause and thus to non-residential premises with an indefinite contract, said Martin Voku. The town hall will help people who get into trouble and the housing costs are beyond their means. For non-residential premises, it is increased by 6.5 percent.

Prices for non-residential spaces are rising

Rents for residential and non-residential premises in Prague 13 will be increased by the average rate of inflation for the past year.

Notably, the city halls of Prague 4 and 9 have been affected. This year, inflation, i.e. by 10.7 percent, has been mentioned in municipal apartments and non-residential premises in the city quarter. Last year, the town hall raised it by half of the inflation of that time. As of January 1, Prague 9 saw an increase in inflation, in non-residential areas. She will not raise rents in apartments, spokeswoman Marie Kurkov said. Since the beginning of the summer year, Germans have been paying for public flats with open-ended contracts in Prague 10.

Which city can you build?

Whether they will be invited in Prague 5, it has not yet been decided. The City Hall has agreed on an inflation clause in some contracts, which allows the rent to be adjusted for inflation, starting from the 1st of the given year. In the case of the apartment, in previous years, decisions in this matter have been reached, in particular in March or April, said David Thlavsk.

There is no clarity about the falling external rent in Prague 8, 12 or 14. Although it was discussed at the Property Committee, it will also be discussed at the Finance Committee, said Prague 8 spokesman Martin Alek.

The City Hall of Prague 3 increased the single-use chamber by about 20 percent last year. On the other hand, about 1200 households, when the price rose from 115 to 137 K per square meter. We will invest the funds from it in renovations and repairs of the housing stock. With this step, the legal limit on the amount for the next few years was practically exhausted, said Ji Hannich, the spokesperson.

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