Wedding dresses with more than a thousand flowers were on display

Wedding dresses with more than a thousand flowers were on display
Wedding dresses with more than a thousand flowers were on display

Photo: Kateřina Mařáková

Students, parents and teachers danced together at the school ball of the Hotel, Industrial, Medical and Higher Vocational School in Uherské Hradiště. The ball, which is organized by the Association of Parents and Friends of the school and the student society of class 4.H, used to have a long-standing tradition, but it was interrupted by the pandemic.

the forest offered a beautiful accompanying program, which after the opening speech of the deputy director of the school, Dana Tománková, started with a polonaise by the school’s pupils. She was then followed by a dance performance by dancers from the Basic Art School from Uherské Hradiště and then by the skilful and talented young ladies from the dance group Glitters from Nivnice, who are successful with their dancing skills in nationwide competitions.

In the next entry, the students of the school got to speak again, but this time with a fashion show. One of the school’s pupils is the talented young fashion designer Vlastimil Basovník, who already showed his skills during the celebrations at the school’s academy, and now visitors to the prom could also see his other models. The collection of mainly party dresses excited the audience. “Thirteen, mostly black models were created for the spring-summer season. And two wedding dresses were created especially for this ball. I’ve always had a dream to try to create a wedding dress and make a wedding mini collection, and now that I have a free hand and do shows, it’s nice to make that dream come true. I am very excited and I would like to do it again,” the young designer himself shared his first feelings immediately after the show.

Both wedding dresses were a well-deserved success, which was preceded by hours and hours of work. The first dress was planted with flowers, of which there were said to be more than a thousand. “The flowers were sewn by hand one at a time and there are over a thousand of them. We don’t know the exact number, but there are certainly more than a thousand of them. I didn’t sew it myself, two other friends helped me, and it took us about two weeks, when we sat at home and sewed it,” Basovník explained the details of the preparation of the wedding dress. The second dress, on the other hand, impressed with its elegance and timelessness. “I created this more minimalistic dress because I wanted it to be something that every woman could wear, so I chose classics and more interesting material so that it wasn’t completely ordinary, and I added a bouquet of hydrangeas that the bride was holding. In fact, it was a continuation of the first dress and brought the whole collection together,” concluded Vlastimil Basovník, who is already planning further fashion shows and preparing new models.

The music group Trinom won for dancing and listening during the entire ball, and in the small hall, there was singing, dancing and singing along with the dulcimer music of Kunovjan. Visitors could also taste a varied selection of cocktails prepared by the school’s students under the guidance of popular teacher Mirka Malušková, and the final midnight surprise was provided by Kuba Orel from Barmani Zlín and his bartending show.

author: Kateřina Mařáková

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