Employees of the Regional Health Service will improve this year. How much will wages increase?


Ústí Region – The management of Krajské zdravotní, as, and representatives of trade unions have agreed today on a 5% increase in collective wages in 2024 for all employees. The wages of doctors will also increase by a special medical supplement, in total between 5 and 15 thousand crowns, depending on their professional level.

The new collective agreement fulfills the parameters concluded centrally at the level of trade unions, the Ministry of Health, the Czech Medical Chamber, hospital associations and the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic (VZP) for increasing the wages of all employees in employment according to the proposed rules. The regional health department will also finance a significant part of the increased wage funds from its own resources.

Intensive negotiations between the management of the Regional Health Service and trade unions on the terms of the collective agreement culminated today in an agreement to increase collective wage wages for employees by 5% in 2024, and for doctors by 10-20% thanks to wage increases in the range of 5-15 thousand crowns, depending on the expertise of the doctors. Negotiations on salary increases were primarily conducted in January, after representatives of the government, VZP and trade unions agreed on an increase in salaries for employees in the healthcare sector at the central level, and after the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic offered the wording of a special payment supplement that allows hospitals to increase salaries in in total by several tens of millions of crowns. Thanks to today’s result of the collective bargaining, there will be an increase in the wages of employees as of January this year. The total volume of wage costs in Regional Health will thus increase by 12.5% ​​compared to 2023.

“I am glad that a final agreement was finally reached in a relatively short time, which will allow us to pay the salary increase to the employees already with the January salaries. I thank everyone involved for the time they devoted to the conditions of the new wording of the collective agreement. Regional health care takes care of its employees with respect and respect for their work. After all, thanks to good economic results last year, we were able to pay double bonuses, in November 15,000 crowns to all employees across the board and again in December, to the most efficient workplaces. We are trying to make the wage conditions in Regional Health as good as possible, and at the same time motivating them so that patients in the Ústí Region receive the best care,” commented the results of the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Regional Health MUDr. Ondřej Štěrba.

“I would like to thank the representatives of the trade unions for the constructive approach and the effort to reach an agreement that accompanied the collective negotiations. Krajská zdravnosti fully appreciates the qualified personnel of Krajská zdravotni and creates the best possible wage conditions for our employees. Already in the middle of 2023, it increased the wages of all employees by 7%. Thanks to today’s agreement, we can apply another wage increase of 5% from January 1, 2024. In the event of a positive economic result and the performance of our hospitals this year, the management of Regional Health, similarly to the previous two years, will also endeavor to provide part of the profit that exceeds the planned result of the company’s management to employees in the form of extraordinary rewards, as thanks for their work. And I hope that it will be successful this year as well,” added MUDr. Petr Malý, MBA, CEO of Regional Health.

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