Eight guns like a college killer? Tens of thousands of people in the Czech Republic have such an arsenal


There are over a million firearms among the Czechs. However, most gun license holders do not stick to just one. The newspaper obtained unique data from the weapons registry.

A tragic shooting at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University at the end of last year raised questions as to whether the Czech laws that allow the possession of weapons are not too liberal. The shooter owned eight of them. At the end of last year, almost six and a half thousand other people in the Czech Republic owned the same number of weapons. According to data exclusively obtained by Deník, almost fifteen thousand people have ten or more weapons.

Would you limit the possibility of owning a firearm in the Czech Republic? See what your neighbors think:

Should the law more strictly restrict the possession of firearms? Express your opinion in the poll

Police statistics state that there are currently almost 317,000 gun license holders in the Czech Republic. Interest in this license began to grow significantly after the beginning war in Ukraine two years ago. The number of weapons is also increasing, and at the end of the year the police registered over a million of them among their holders.

This also brought questions about whether the number of weapons per holder of a firearms license should be limited. However, many experts opposed it. “There has been a problem and now the culprit is being sought,” argued a member of the Rapid Deployment Unit, protective services, a soldier and today an instructor, for example self defense Lumir German.

For example, collectors, hunters or athletes, who need a different type for each discipline, have more weapons. “Man has only two hands. So his abilities are limiting. It doesn’t matter if he has eighteen of them at home,” explained the German.

Tightened legislation

MPs, however, last week gun legislation tightened up. It must be added, however, that her proposal came to the Chamber of Deputies even before the December events. “The law requires gun dealers to report suspicious transactions, allows the police to confiscate guns due to a security risk, shortens the period for medical examinations of gun owners and allows doctors to easily find out if their patient is the holder of a firearms license,” the Minister of the Interior listed some of the novelties in the law Welcome Austrian (TENT).

The Deník’s data editor looked at the extent to which Czechs want to limit the possibility of owning a gun:

Possession of weapons from the people’s point of view: Most Czechs support the tightening of conditions

The law, which should come into effect in 2026, has not yet met with significant criticism. “If the health check-up was carried out the way people go for preventive check-ups, it wouldn’t be a problem at all,” says Němec. According to the new rules, the period for a medical examination will be shortened from the current ten years to five years. Weapons licenses will also not be issued in paper form in the future, but will be electronic.

Why do hunters or sportsmen have more guns? And which regions have the largest number of gun license holders? Read the Daily Topic column in Saturday’s printed Daily.

How it looks at the shooting range:

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