When will spring come this year? If you’re familiar with weather lore, you already know this. Take the test


Will you still enjoy a good skiing trip this year, or can you slowly put the winter jacket at the bottom of the wardrobe? If the forecasts of meteorologists do not seem reliable to you, try to trust folk tales. Do you know what they say about the arrival of spring and on which days in February it is especially important to watch the weather outside?

1. Over the next month, notice how windy it is. One of the old sayings says: “If the wind doesn’t blow in February…

… surely the rafters fall in April.”

… it will rain for spring work.”

… only good farmers will see the harvest.”

2. If you often encounter foggy weather during the days of February, it does not exactly bring pleasant prospects. “Many fogs in February bring…

… lightning and thunder into human buildings.”

… a lot of rain that year.”

… frost still in May.”

3. Groundhogs, which fall on February 2, tell a lot about the spring weather according to the ancients. “When it comes to Groundhog Day, it’s clear…

… the winter will be alive for a long time.”

… the larks will freeze and no one will sing in the spring.”

… March hides warm coats in the closet.”

4. What can you expect from the weather if it rains in Hromnice? According to ancient legends: “When it flows from the roofs on Groundhog Day…

… the ice will only be on each river for a week.”

… keep the warm oven at home for forty days.”

… the winter will take a long time to cover up.”

5. On the feast of St. Blaise, which falls on February 3, see if it will be sunny. This is good for health. If it shines from the morning, young people will enjoy good health all year long. But what if it’s sunny until the evening?

Old people will enjoy good health.

Health will serve all blonds and blondes.

Pets and farm animals will have a year full of strength and health.

6. Those who can’t wait for the heat should check the weather during Shrove Tuesday, specifically Shrove Tuesday, which this year falls on February 13. The ancients claim that: “If donuts are eaten in the sun…

… only catfish will swim in the summer.”

… the painted eggs will be eaten on the stove.”

… you don’t take off the battering ram in March.”

7. According to folk tradition, winter could end after February 16. At least that’s what the old book says: “About St. Julian…

… sow wheat to the gate.”

… release your palms from the mittens.”

8. Be sure to watch where the mercury falls on the thermometer on February 22. It is said: “If the frost is set on St. Peter…

… for 40 days there is no end to it.”

… in March, God willing.”

… it’s not much to hang out and smoke in the spring.”

9. Even the last days of February will tell a lot about spring temperatures, keep an eye on the thermometer especially on February 24. “If there is frost on St. Matthew…

… tie the scarf around your neck tighter.”

… then you still have it forty times.”

… with the rain, the dam will break in April.”

10. If February is very cold, but at the same time stingy with white dust, you do not have good prospects. It is said that: “Big frost and little snow in February…

… it causes the very accident to the fields and the trees.”

… you don’t put away warm clothes in March.”

… beware of lightning at Easter.”

So, have you checked all the answers? If so, evaluate the test.

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